tips, tastes and myth-busting: st. patrick's day revealed

Saint Patrick's Day is widely celebrated around the world each year on March 17th.  Named after St. Patrick, the popular patron saint of Ireland and originally a Catholic holiday and official feast day in honor of St. Patrick's death, the day has come to be recognized as a secular celebration of Irish culture. Everyone is just a little Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

Saint Patrick Himself

guide to mardi gras fun

great ways to celebrate the oscars

This year will usher in the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony as movie lovers all over the world watch to see who will take home the gold Oscar statuette symbolizing the best of the best on the silver screen this year. While there are official and unofficial gatherings among the glitterati, you don't need to have a home in Hollywood to have fun with this festive celebration of the arts. We've been honoring Oscar for a good number of years, and have some suggestions for you on how to make the most of the occasion.

devil in the windy city


At PoshPorts we strive to bring you new and different things to do and experience when you're exploring new destinations or even your own home town. One of the things that we love exploring in new places is historical sites and landmarks. We recently discovered a unique tour group in our own home town. Weird Chicago offers several tours that are sure to be different way to experience Chicago.



24 hours in los angeles

Los Angeles, like many cities, is not one that you should plan to visit for only 24 hours. But, if you're traveling on business or have a lay-over on a longer trip you should definitely make the most of the time you have and see what the city of angels has to offer. 

kicking it with JJ: pinoy eats world pampanga culinary tour

The first time I took this tour, I overdid it on breakfast. So much so that the rest of the meals were a bit force-fed. The warm and thick morning flavors had occupied my stomach's usually cavernous space for most of the day. I imagined the flavors each dish had packed; the sticky salty sweetness of the cured bacon, the peppery tang of sugared pork sausage, and the warm vegetable-infused scrambled eggs, all mixed together in the gullet with slightly bitter hot chocolate. It was a meal that we had talked about for weeks after the tour.

why isn't oktoberfest in october?

Colorful Beijing

tale of two cities in one

Beautiful Paris is a city with two distinct personalities as determined by which side of the River Seine it is on. Known as Rive Droit (The Right Bank) to the north or Rive Gauche (The Left Bank) to the south, these areas have distinct approaches to life, somewhat similar to the different personalities one might find in say, the Upper West Side and Upper East Side of Manhattan.

hard rock cafe

Many of our followers know that we have been on a journey to get to every Hard Rock Cafe around the world. Although one might say that we've only begun our journey, we look forward to visiting many more HRCs in the future.


Here are a few of the locations we've traveled to so far. And we have the T-shirts to prove it!



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