24 hours in los angeles

Los Angeles, like many cities, is not one that you should plan to visit for only 24 hours. But, if you're traveling on business or have a lay-over on a longer trip you should definitely make the most of the time you have and see what the city of angels has to offer. 

wonderful italian flavors in the windy city

One of the things that I like best when traveling is to discover restaurants that embody the region you're visiting. When you can find a restaurant that captures that feeling at home it's always a sheer pleasure. Chef Tony Priolo and his partner Ciro Longobardo of Piccolo Sogno have done just that. The combination of delicious Italian cuisine and the atmosphere that you are eating in someone's home make this one of the best places to eat in Chicago.


24 hours in Manila

As the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the anarchic city of Manila offers titillations a-plenty for everyone. With only 24 hours to spare, the speedy traveler can get a feel of the city’s vibe that will leave them wanting more.



a crash course on philippine cuisine

“Eat up, dear. Eat up,”  my grandmother urged, completely oblivious to the roundness of my cheeks already bulging with food. “This is tocino,” she explained, slowly enunciating each syllable as if I were a kindergartner, “Toh-SEE-no -- Filipino preserved bacon.”

“Lola,” I started, using the Filipino word for grandmother, “this tocino is sweet. And thick”. She blinked back. “Not salty like what we have back home.”

My lola stared back across the table from behind her thin black-rimmed glasses.

tale of two cities in one

Beautiful Paris is a city with two distinct personalities as determined by which side of the River Seine it is on. Known as Rive Droit (The Right Bank) to the north or Rive Gauche (The Left Bank) to the south, these areas have distinct approaches to life, somewhat similar to the different personalities one might find in say, the Upper West Side and Upper East Side of Manhattan.

a few slices of Chicago history

the chicago diner: meaty vegetarian

After hearing about the Chicago Diner for years, hemming and hawing about the thought of an all-vegetarian, mostly vegan diner, we had a hard time wrapping our minds around the idea that the food at such an establishment could be hearty, tasty and, well, really, really good. We finally took the plunge, and boy are we glad we did.  The Chicago Diner makes vegetarian fare worth pursuing with its meat-free renderings of favorite diner foods from Reubens to burgers,  sloppy joes, lasagna, gyros, Philly cheese steaks,  tacos and more.

Share Our Strength's Taste of the Nation A Delicious Success!

As you may know, PoshPorts proudly sponsored Taste of the Nation Chicago. Since 1988, Taste of the Nation has brought together the most creative culinary minds across the nation.

the girl is good

After what seemed like an eternity of planning and preparation, Chicago chef Stephanie Izard opened Girl & The Goat restaurant in early July. The season four Top Chef winner had some starts and stops getting her new place open. Even the name of the restaurant (orignially to be called The Drunken Goat) changed to Girl & the Goat after a trademark issue ensued.

24 Hours in Dubai

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