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kicking it with JJ: pinoy eats world pampanga culinary tour

The first time I took this tour, I overdid it on breakfast. So much so that the rest of the meals were a bit force-fed. The warm and thick morning flavors had occupied my stomach's usually cavernous space for most of the day. I imagined the flavors each dish had packed; the sticky salty sweetness of the cured bacon, the peppery tang of sugared pork sausage, and the warm vegetable-infused scrambled eggs, all mixed together in the gullet with slightly bitter hot chocolate. It was a meal that we had talked about for weeks after the tour.

Thanksgiving from Diana's Kitchen

It's that time again. Time for us to gather around the table with family and friends and eat the tasty treats that go along with our Thanksgiving dinner. I have to confess that as someone who likes cooking for large groups, I enjoy preparing all kinds of "once a year" (or maybe two or three times a year for some of the more versatile dishes) dishes that everyone looks forward to around this time. I am so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life, their health and happiness, that the entire process of cooking a meal for them to celebrate how grateful we all are is pure joy for me.

24 hours in Manila

As the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the anarchic city of Manila offers titillations a-plenty for everyone. With only 24 hours to spare, the speedy traveler can get a feel of the city’s vibe that will leave them wanting more.



taste of the bahamas

best of the wurst

While we've been enjoying the fruits of Oktoberfest and German cuisine in general, one food is far and away most abounding at both festival time and year round - wurst or sausages as we call them. There are well over a thousand types of German sausages, with many regional specialties with subtle spicing differences and meat mixtures in nearly unlimited variation. We won't tackle all of these here, but will present you with some of the most popular and common types.

oktoberfest at home

Are you looking to put some oomph into your oompahpah? Even if you skip a fall trip to Germany, you can still make your your very own authentic German style celebration any time of year.

a crash course on philippine cuisine

“Eat up, dear. Eat up,”  my grandmother urged, completely oblivious to the roundness of my cheeks already bulging with food. “This is tocino,” she explained, slowly enunciating each syllable as if I were a kindergartner, “Toh-SEE-no -- Filipino preserved bacon.”

“Lola,” I started, using the Filipino word for grandmother, “this tocino is sweet. And thick”. She blinked back. “Not salty like what we have back home.”

My lola stared back across the table from behind her thin black-rimmed glasses.

why isn't oktoberfest in october?

Colorful Beijing

how to be a localvore in any city: hit the farmer's market

When you travel to any city, you're bound to get recommendations on things to do and places to eat. Most likely, your friends have equipped you with a list of "must-visit" restaurants, bars and food trucks that convey the flavor of the place you're visiting.

However, there is one often-overlooked way to get true local flavor: Farmer's Markets.

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