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Thanksgiving Around the World

While we often think of Thanksgiving as a holiday only in the United States, it is actually celebrated in many different countries. Although Thanksgiving may not be celebrated globally on the same day, the unifying theme of a harvest festival provides worldwide inspiration.

Thanksgiving from Diana's Kitchen

It's that time again. Time for us to gather around the table with family and friends and eat the tasty treats that go along with our Thanksgiving dinner. I have to confess that as someone who likes cooking for large groups, I enjoy preparing all kinds of "once a year" (or maybe two or three times a year for some of the more versatile dishes) dishes that everyone looks forward to around this time. I am so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life, their health and happiness, that the entire process of cooking a meal for them to celebrate how grateful we all are is pure joy for me.

the how and why of trick or treat

Whether you have little hobgoblins that like to dress up and visit the neighbors on Halloween night or you like to celebrate yourself with costume and fun, you likely know that Halloween has become huge. This year Americans are expected to spend some $6 billion (yes, that's billion with a "B") on costumes, candy and decorations - second only to holiday spending on Christmas. And while Halloween, the holiday we know today has carved out its own identity, the traditions that make their way into it have existed since ancient times.

favorite pumpkin treats

We love fall because it's pumpkin time! We love all things pumpkin - pumpkin coffee, pumpkin butter, pumpkin ice cream, and, of course, all the pumpkin treats that go with the holiday meals ahead. But pumpkin provides more than taste sensations. It's a terrific source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber as well. Here we share with you a way to treat your face and skin to pumpkin refreshment as well as provide you with Chef Jill Houk's delicious spiced pumpkin seeds.

what to drink on bastille day

Bastille Day's official liqueur is a French apertif wine that blends citrus liqueurs with an orange tang called Lillet. It can be served over ice, chilled, as a spritzer or in a variety of ways.


To make a spritzer, pour 4 or 5 ounces into a lovely white wine glass filled with ice and add club soda to fill. You can garnish with an orange slice, or a festive French flag swizzle stick if you have one.


tropical passion and a few virgins

Even when you can't make time for a tropical vacation getaway, you can treat yourself (and your friends!) to a beach-inspired cocktail party by getting out the little paper cocktail umbrellas and adorning some of these festive drinks with fruity garnishes on colorful picks.

It doesn't matter where you live, you can enjoy these global libations, some semi-classic favorites and some newer temptations, and feel the breeze take you to distant shores. We also provide a few virgin versions so even if you don't want alcohol, you can still drink in the tropical spirit.

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