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Salty or Sweet?

If you like snacks -and let's face it, if you don't like snacks we're a little worried about you - the debate is always whether you prefer salty snacks or sweet snacks. If you're like us you just go back and forth in the endless quest to find the best snack. In an effort to answer that debate we attended the Sweets & Snacks Expo last week in Chicago. Your Chief Ambassadors were literally like two kids in a candy and snack shop. From getting a ride on the Pez-cycle to tasting all the latest snacks, we had a ball. 

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Guilt-Free Tasty Indulgence!

tips to make your air travel a culinary experience

No matter how you travel - first class, business class or coach - there are very few airlines that have managed to provide meals or snacks that are edible. We all know that most airlines are struggling financially. There are fewer and fewer perks, more surly customers and airline employees, and less and less enjoyment when traveling.

Cooking Classes: Bringing Home the flavors of your vacation

We all like to bring home souvenirs from the places we visit--bottles of wine from Bordeaux, emeralds from Rio, cutting-edge electronics from Tokyo. As a food-lover, my favorite souvenirs are foodstuffs from my travels. Unfortunately, many edibles from abroad aren't welcome when you return to your home country.

how to be a localvore in any city: hit the farmer's market

When you travel to any city, you're bound to get recommendations on things to do and places to eat. Most likely, your friends have equipped you with a list of "must-visit" restaurants, bars and food trucks that convey the flavor of the place you're visiting.

However, there is one often-overlooked way to get true local flavor: Farmer's Markets.

the chicago diner: meaty vegetarian

After hearing about the Chicago Diner for years, hemming and hawing about the thought of an all-vegetarian, mostly vegan diner, we had a hard time wrapping our minds around the idea that the food at such an establishment could be hearty, tasty and, well, really, really good. We finally took the plunge, and boy are we glad we did.  The Chicago Diner makes vegetarian fare worth pursuing with its meat-free renderings of favorite diner foods from Reubens to burgers,  sloppy joes, lasagna, gyros, Philly cheese steaks,  tacos and more.

take me out to the healthy ballgame

It used to be that going to a baseball game meant a hot dog, peanuts, cotton candy, beer and your favorite acid reflux remedy for a complete day at the ballpark. These days ball parks have as many differed concession stands as they do players. The international taste fest still doesn't always provide the most healthful choices. Los Angeles baseball fans may get offered sushi, but what about the meat-loving Midwest?

tasty & healthy tapas recipes for home entertaining

With its lush growing regions, abundant coastlines and ample room for grazing cattle, Spain naturally offers some of the best food on the planet. Spanish cuisine combines bold flavors, such as garlic, shellfish, game, beef and saffron into a variety of dishes. Paella is among the best-known examples of Spanish cooking. This rich dish pairs rice that is flavored with garlic, tomato and saffron with rabbit, chorizo (a dried Spanish sausage) and escargot.

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