french cheese? yes, please!

When conjuring up images of an enjoyable day in France, many of us think of a sunny afternoon spent on a park bench or patch of grass somewhere people-watching with a loaf of crusty bread, a chunk of delicious cheese and perhaps some wine or other beverage.  Such a pleasure is as meaningful when pursued from a hilltop in Paris, a patio in Provence, or while floating on a barge down the canals of Burgundy.

france burgundy region barge cruise

france's champagne region

While a trip to Paris is enough to fill many days with wonderful sights and sounds if you find yourself looking to get outside the city and explore, and you love sparkling wine, the Champagne region is a just quick train ride away. The TGV is an efficient way to travel around Europe. The trains are fast (like 200mph fast), clean and comfortable. The train can get you from Paris to Reims in less than an hour.

french river barge cruising

art in barcelona

When traveling to Barcelona one can expect to be constantly surrounded by art through its spectacular architecture and sculptures. Barcelona has many world-famous museums that should not be missed. Here are just a few: 

gaudi in barcelona

It is impossible to wander through Barcelona and not see the influence of Antonio Gaudi. The world-famous architect was a loyal Catalan. His work was not always appreciated by citizens or critics. However, his work is now showcased and respected throughout Spain and the world.

Gaudi’s modernist (art nouveaux) style is extremely unique and contains highly individualistic designs. Gaudi’s work always included forms from nature within his designs. Sea shells, leaves and wandering vines were often interwoven in his structures.

a bar made from ice? check out the ice kube in paris

While in Paris we saw an interesting article on something called the Ice Kube which is a bar entirely made out of ice. The article mentioned that it was “steps away” from Montmarte and since we had already planned a trip up the big hill we figured, "Why not?"

a little greek in the latin quarter

Paris is a city full of surprises. And one of the delights of strolling different arrondissements is taking in the sights and smells and tastes of this diverse city. While everyone likes a fancy night out once in awhile, there's a lot to be said for the cheap and cheerful too.

what's baking in paris?

When thinking about the culinary achievements of the French people, one can hardly ignore extraordinary bread, rolls, pastries, tarts, pies, cakes, cookies and other baked goods. French culture thrives worldwide in part because of the affinity many of us have for French baked goods. Often called the "trinity of the table," wine, bread and cheese can seem the ultimate comforting and complete meal. 

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