a spicy stroll down chandni chowk

the ascott - great beijing business hotel

If you are planning a business trip to Beijing, China, chances are you might want to stay near the central business district. If you're looking for very comfortable, business-oriented accommodations that are also a good value, consider the Ascott Beijing. 


all the tea in china

It's certainly no secret that tea is an important part of many Asian cultures. While traveling in Beijing we had the opportunity to explore several tea shops, attend a tea ceremony and enjoy many cups of tea. Being major tea fans, we felt this cultural experience was certainly one of the highlights during our time in China.


singapore is a fine city

Of course, this phrase refers to the 'fines' that are part of Singapore's system of obedient citizenship, as high as $1,000 for littering, jaywalking and even failure to flush a public toilet.  But its people have a sense of humor about it. You can find the phrase adorning everything from T-shirts, mugs, magnets and almost any tourist knick knack you desire.

That said, Singapore is also a fine city to explore. Although the country is small it is host to numerous attractions of interest and places to explore and discover.

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