Top 10 Tips To Pack Lighter Luggage

By Diana Laskaris

hot dog - ketchup vs. mustard. you decide!

Cooking Classes: Bringing Home the flavors of your vacation

We all like to bring home souvenirs from the places we visit--bottles of wine from Bordeaux, emeralds from Rio, cutting-edge electronics from Tokyo. As a food-lover, my favorite souvenirs are foodstuffs from my travels. Unfortunately, many edibles from abroad aren't welcome when you return to your home country.

treats and traditions of christmas around the world

As the wonders of Christmas and the holiday season are upon us, we thought it would be fun to explore some of the traditions that abound around the world at this time. While there are differences that we can explore and learn about, there are also many common elements to be found. Just for fun, we'll include a few recipes for holiday foods and drinks along the way.


watch what you eat and drink: a guide to staying well on the road


"Healthy eating" goes beyond making nutritious food choices. Over and above, healthy eating incorporates eating food that is safe to consume and won't get you sick.

This October, my husband and I traveled to India. As we told friends and family about the journey, we heard one mantra over and over: "You're going to get sick." This prophecy came from all quarters--folks who seldom leave their home state to seasoned world travelers to our guidebooks.


kicking it with JJ: pinoy eats world pampanga culinary tour

The first time I took this tour, I overdid it on breakfast. So much so that the rest of the meals were a bit force-fed. The warm and thick morning flavors had occupied my stomach's usually cavernous space for most of the day. I imagined the flavors each dish had packed; the sticky salty sweetness of the cured bacon, the peppery tang of sugared pork sausage, and the warm vegetable-infused scrambled eggs, all mixed together in the gullet with slightly bitter hot chocolate. It was a meal that we had talked about for weeks after the tour.

24 hours in Manila

As the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the anarchic city of Manila offers titillations a-plenty for everyone. With only 24 hours to spare, the speedy traveler can get a feel of the city’s vibe that will leave them wanting more.



why the philippines?

The fact that Westerners know little about the Philippines is no big surprise. The Philippines is, after all, still a developing nation. To scratch no further than the country’s developmental indices is to miss out on the true beauty of the Philippines. A country, for example, in which 250,000 American citizens have have seen its beauty, and stayed. The Philippines contains the largest American population in Asia, and the seventh largest American community in the world. As these expatriates know, despite its many challenges, the Philippines is a place exuding magical beauty.

a crash course on philippine cuisine

“Eat up, dear. Eat up,”  my grandmother urged, completely oblivious to the roundness of my cheeks already bulging with food. “This is tocino,” she explained, slowly enunciating each syllable as if I were a kindergartner, “Toh-SEE-no -- Filipino preserved bacon.”

“Lola,” I started, using the Filipino word for grandmother, “this tocino is sweet. And thick”. She blinked back. “Not salty like what we have back home.”

My lola stared back across the table from behind her thin black-rimmed glasses.

Colorful Beijing

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