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Tucson's Hot Sonoran Dog

pan am - revisiting when air travel was posh

5 easy strategies for travel rewards & discounts

These are challenging times so we all look for great ways to save more and get more out of our travel dollars. As your PoshPorts Ambassadors we do a considerable amount of travel ourselves, so we've become pretty adept at getting the biggest bang for our buck. And we want to share our best strategies with you! We know it can be a confusing minefield of information, offers, "deals" and rewards. We're here to clear away the clutter and give you five great ways to take advantage of the best posh possibilities without having to spend more time than it's worth to find them. So, here we go:

the travel goodies

We had the opportunity to visit The Travel Goods Show this week in Chicago. Browsing the world's largest travel products trade show we felt like kids in a candy shop. 300 brands with over 40,000 items was more than even we could manage, but we did see quite a few new and interesting products. There are definitely some trends afoot, with products and services reflecting the needs and desires of the customer. So with that in mind, we thought we'd share these insights with you.


fun with wine and labels

vacation trends: how about a house swap?

Looking for a different way to experience a new or favorite destination? Feel like it would be great after a long day of sight-seeing to kick back and relax in a comfy home surrounded by local neighbors, local shops and local cuisine?

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