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7 Dream Vacations Close To Home


by Diana Laskaris


gorgeous beaches and mayan secrets

If you've been thinking about a beautiful beach vacation with tranquility, palm trees, crystal blue waters, but not too far from the action if you want it and treasures of culture nearby, we've got just the place for you. While many spring-breakers enjoy the fun-loving Cancun resorts, we think that if you travel just a bit further down the road, you'll be utterly delighted with the pleasures of Playa Del Carmen. We've got the inside scoop on how to play posh in the playa without losing authenticity, get the best value for your money and enjoy a magical stay.

atypical spanish wear

For many people traveling for pleasure, one of the most enjoyable pursuits is shopping, especially shopping for clothing. Some of the most well-known "luxury" brands have become more homogenized and can be seen on major shopping streets around the world as well as in airports. But some fun, funky, unique and original brands that, wherever they show up at home or abroad, retain their distinct personality, despite a growing popularity or increasing availability outside of its country of origin.

dress to impress?

An ongoing debate continues about "dressing for success" versus dressing for comfort. Executives, employees and business consultants weigh in on this matter with different points of view. Variations in industry, economic conditions, even individual companies determine where on a spectrum those opinions fall.

We can break it down into a few major opinions as follows:

fashionista quiz

Here's a fun little quiz to whet your appetite for learning more about fashion, designers, celebrities and their cultural imprints across the globe. Test your knowledge on these tasty tidbits of trends and temptation!
1. What British designer hit it big when her then domestic and business partner dressed the band he managed, the Sex Pistols, in her clothing?

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