Yes, There's An App For That...

If you have a smart phone you are more than familiar with the world of apps (short for applications). There are now over one million apps to choose from on either Apple or Android phone systems. Sometimes it's hard to remember how we lived without these little time-savers and time-wasters. We thought we'd share a few of our favorites and check to see what apps you really enjoy using.


App Gratis.  This is one app we check every day. They offer a free and a discounted app daily. Games, photos, videos, GPS, organizers, utilities and name it. Every app offering is different and often they are ones you want to download and use immediately. Recent offerings have included navigation, bubble game, spinart, cookbook and travel apps. 


Fotopedia France.  We love France. So, of course, we love this app that features over 5,000 gorgeous photographs from France. It does need an Internet connection while you're using it so be sure you know your cost to use it on your phone before you get to France. You can always use it for research at home or somewhere you can get free wi-fi.  In addition to the photos, it provides area maps, information on key attractions and more.


Chefs Feed. There are plenty of apps out there with suggestions on where and what to eat. Chefs Feed will tell you what restaurant a local chef recommends near you and what to order there. It really helps on those days when you just don't know what you want to eat. Chances are you'll like what these chefs have to say about the dishes they enjoy. Choose the city you're in, chefs you want to follow and they do the rest for you.


Waze. Don't have GPS in your car or your rental? No problem. Waze is a free turn-by-turn GPS navigation system that will help get you to where you're going. It's also a social media community of drivers who connect to share traffic problems, police sightings, cheapest gas stations, coffee shops and much more. It's safe as it can be voice-activated for hands-free mobile use. 


TurboScan. If you travel for business this app is a real lifesaver. It isn't free, but it only costs $1.99  and worth every penny if you need to scan something fast. The quality is excellent and allows you to crop and adjust your scans. It's great for receipts (so you don't lose them) you can work on your expense reports and send them out while you're still on the road.  And, if your scanner goes on the blink, this makes for an easy, hassle-free substitute.

There are so many more apps we use, whether everyday, for travel or special occasions. But we had to start somewhere, and these are at the top of our list. 

What's your favorite app? Let us know and if we pick your favorite app to feature on our Facebook page we'll send you a comfy, soft long-sleeved PoshPorts t-shirt.