What's for Brunch?

Spring is finally here and we've all got the urge to celebrate it. What better way than to invite some dear friends or family members over on a weekend to share a late morning or early afternoon meal. We don't always feel like three squares a day when the weather warms up, so why not take advantage of this time-honored tradition in your own way?

Here are a few tips to make your brunch a smashing success with a minimum of time and effort. Remember, the joy of such meals is the company you get to share, not the time it takes to prepare!

1. Pick a time that works for everyone. Some people consider brunch a late breakfast. These folks usually like to have it around eleven in the morning or noon. Others are just thinking about getting ready at that time so would prefer something after the noon day sun has reached its spot in the sky. Whatever works for you, make sure it works for everyone else. Any kind of rushing around has no place at this leisurely meal.

2. Family style or buffet works best. Why worry about making individual plates or having to serve several courses? The whole idea of brunch is that it is relaxed and casual. Buffets offer guests the opportunity to select what they want and eat in any order that they want. Family style offers guests an easy way to pass around dishes without having to get up from the table. Whatever you choose, be sure that you identify each of the dishes in advance so your guests can make their selections knowingly. 


3. Variety is the spice of brunch. People like to graze through brunch - a little of this, some of that, and oh, I'll try one of those too! That's part of the fun. So you will be best served by offering several different options that complement one another, rather than putting all your eggs in a basket, as they say. However, hard boiled eggs in a basket isn't a bad idea! Other ideas include: various breads such as bagels, pastries, muffins or croissants, egg dishes such as frittatas, quiches or scrambles, salads of many varieties, fresh veggies, sliced or chunk cheeses, yogurts and dips, deli trays, fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts, bakery goodies such as cakes, cookies and tarts all make great choices.

4. Try a theme. To make your brunch memorable, try giving it a theme. You can choose anything that fits with your idea of a fun brunch offering. You could go for a unique locale, such as a French bistro, Chinese Dim-sum palace or tropical island. Or go for a type of cuisine, such as Tuscan Italian, Mexican Fiesta or New England Seafood. You could splurge and go for an international brunch that includes favorite tastes from many nations. If you're looking to drop a few pounds before swimsuit season, try an all veggie or slim and trim version including items that are calorie-conscious as well as delicious.

5. Make it easy on yourself. You don't need to make everything from scratch to have a fantastic brunch. Take advantage of many prepared items that will work perfectly, such as gorgeous bakery items, dried fruit and nuts that just need to be arranged, pre-mixed salad greens, and ready-to-bake quiches or casseroles. For drinks, plain champagne or wine work well. For something different you can do easy Mimosas or bellinis or mix some fruit juice and ginger ale for a non-alcoholic beverage. The idea is to make sure that you are able to enjoy your guests and the gathering without spending much time in the kitchen. 


We hope these ideas inspire you to Spring into action and host a fun brunch for those you hold dear. Let us know of any other ideas you have to share!