Travel Tips For Summer

Summer is a busy time for travel and vacation. Avoid potential hazards and make the most of your trip with these 8 great summer travel tips.


1. Hydrate - Summer travels can take you to where the temperatures are high. Even when you're moving from place to place inside or from one mode of transportation to another, you're likely to find yourself losing more moisture through sweet than usual. Be sure to keep a bottle of water with you at all times. That way, you'll never be without it. 

2. Eat when you drink - Even those lighter drinks like wine spritzers and mojitos are still alcohlic. Be sure you don't forget to have a little something of substance to munch on even if you're just hanging out on the beach or by the pool. When you finally get up from that lounge chair, you won't want to tip over!

3. Pack the sunscreen - Don't deceive yourself into thinking that if the sun's not out you won't get burned. Much of the danger to your skin comes from the UV rays that can zip their way through even the most overcast of days. Be sure to keep the appropriate lotions and sunscreen with you. If you're one who likes to hop in and out of the water, be sure that your lotion is water-resistant. But even so, you'll need to reapply regularly to be sure you don't push your luck too far.

4. Pack even lighter - We're fans of packing light, but for summer travel that's even more of a benefit. You won't want to go schlepping around big heavy bags whether your suitcase, your overnighter or your day bag. Be sure to know what is absolutely essential and start there. Think about clothing items that can do double duty, like a t-shirt dress that can work both for an afternoon out and as a coverup for your bikini for girls or topsiders that work equally well on the beach as at the poolside lounge for guys. 

5. Check and double-check reservations and plans - There's nothing worse the being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Except, being stuck in the middle of nowhere when it's hot. Be sure that you know what your plans are, where you are going, that your reservations are correct and recorded and your tickets are in your hand or at the will-call booth for special attractions. Plan in advance as much as you can. Anytime you can avoid standing in a line during the hottest part of the day is time you'll thank yourself for later. 

6. Be cool - If you're going to splurge, splurge on a comfortable hotel with good temperature controls - One of the fallacies of traveling is that you'll never spend time in your hotel so it doesn't matter how crappy it is. We know that isn't true. While you will certainly be out and about enjoying your summer destination, a comfortable cool hotel in the summer can provide the extra needed relief you might need between afternoon and evening activities and overnight. Starting out the day refreshed and feeling good makes the whole trip more enjoyable. Be comfortable and look for amenities you enjoy - sometimes the hotel pool and lounge are a vacation all their own! 

7. Check for summer specials - In some destinations, summer travel is peak season. Prices tend to soar with the temperatures. But, just with all inside tips, this one comes with an asterisk. There are certain times of day, certain days of the week, and certain other specifics that can add up to big savings for you if you know what to look for. Museums and attractions often have a "free" day or night when they want to encourage visitors. Morning visits to some area attractions carry a lesser price than those in the afternoon - or vice-versa. Some restaurants have specials for early dinners or meals during the week instead of the weekend. See what specials are available where you're going and get some added value for your summer bucks. 

8. As always, ask the locals - Some of the very best experiences anywhere are those that are known only to the locals. They know the best cheap eats, the times and places when tourists are more easily avoided, the secret spots that make for lasting memories. Be sure to extend yourself to folks you meet while traveling in your destination and ask them for their inside tips. You're sure to learn more about what's off the beaten path than you will by following the crowd. And, you're likely to save a little money too!

These are just a few of our travel tips for making the most of your summer travel. If you've got some more you'd like to share, please let us know!