The Sky Isn't Falling

Fall Fun

It's November! How did it ever come along so quickly? Now the holidays are right around the corner. Year-end reviews. Looking at the resolutions and goals you had for 2013 and feeling overwhelmed about what you haven't done yet this year. Guess what? You're not alone. You can feel the anxiety in the air, the traffic to the malls building and everyone being just a little short on patience and long on hot tempers. 

What do we do? Do we join the fray and become scrooges, crabs and malcontents? Yes. NO! Let's take a few minutes to choose to be happy and content and spread the love to those who really need it. 

Here are 5 tips on what you can do to beat the end-of-the-year, pre-holiday blues.

1 - Get outside Walk, run, bike... Whatever you choose, get out in the fresh air and take some big, deep breaths. Yes, it may be a bit chilly but you'll feel better after stepping away from your office for even a short break. Research shows that just 30-minutes of walking a day can provide a healthier lifestyle.

2 - Reconnect Plan a date night, game night or quick coffee break with someone who makes you feel good. Surrounding yourself with positive, loving people automatically puts you in a better mood and improves the day. Not enough time? You have to eat. Plan a special breakfast, lunch or dinner for somewhere you've been wanting to go. Turn off those devices. Put the cell phone away. Enjoy yourself and your companion for every minute you are together. 

3 - Get organized Let's be honest. There's only so much time left in the year. If you overwhelm yourself with to-do lists that are longer than your arm it makes you even more anxious and crabby. Make a list every day of the 3 things you want to accomplish. Do the hardest one first and go from there. If work keeps you especially busy at the end of the year, be sure to take frequent breaks and stand up and walk around while you're on the phone so you're not sitting all day.  Take a lunch break but skip the fast food and bring in your own healthy salads, sandwiches and snacks. You'll feel better and avoid the afternoon energy drop. 

4 - Volunteer What? You don't have enough time as it is, how do you squeeze that in too?  Pick a charity or cause that's near and dear to your heart and do a little research. You can carve out a couple of hours a week to help make sandwiches, feed people, make phone calls. Giving back will make you realize how lucky most of us are. There are so many wonderful organizations looking for additional help around the holidays that will certainly be glad for your help. 

5 - Say No Sometimes you really just can't do it all. You want to be helpful. You want to go to every party, every opening, make a homemade dessert, go to your friends' events but the reality is you can only do so much. Don't overload your schedule these last two months. If you can't get together with friends over the holidays plan some Sunday afternoon get-togethers. It's fun and everyone will be less stressed and more relaxed.

How do you beat the stress at the end of the year? Send your ideas to We'll pick the best one and send you a little something to make your end of 2013 just a bit nicer.