It's Always Something...

As you know, we attend many trade shows and conferences finding all the latest and greatest to share with you our inquistive audience. We recently attended the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. As you can imagine it is a huge spectacular and there's something amazing and interesting around every corner.  

As we were strolling the aisles we took a "short-cut" to find the cooking theater where chefs demo their latest creations and the latest cooking paraphernalia. We passed the Top Chef Cookware demo station - and Sarah Gruenberg recent Top Chef runner-up was there setting up - with her best friend, but no line - no waiting. So we quickly stepped up and introduced ourselves and told her how much we enjoyed watching her and the rest of the chefs on the show.  She was a great sport and agreed to a photo opp as well. You can see I'm whispering - you were robbed!

We're especially proud of our Chicago women chefs and hope that everyone gets out to try Sarah's cooking at Spiaggia or Cafe Spiaggia - you can taste her fantastic Italian cooking and find out why she made it to the top two. 

On another side note - why were chatting with Sarah a man in shiny cowboy boots came up interupted us and asked Sarah what the meat was on her cutting table. She said pancetta. He looked at it like it was from Mars then just walked away. We all just shrugged our shoulders and watched him go. Always a story or two to tell when you attend these giant trade shows.  Thanks Sarah for spending a few minutes with us - it was a pleasure to meet you. 

If you're interested in checking out the Top Chef cooking line check it out on Shop by Bravo.