roses are red, aprons are blue

When young chefs are learning the art of cookery in accordance with French culinary tradition, they wear blue aprons to signify their status as students. Only upon moving from apprentice to chef is a white apron appropriate. In Thomas Keller's restaurants, all chefs wear blue aprons during preparation and shift to white aprons only when service begins. Julia Child herself wore a blue apron, illustrating her devotion to lifelong learning.

At PoshPorts, we too are constantly learning. And when we learn about something we think is especially noteworthy, we like to share it with you. So when we stumbled on a company called Blue Apron that offers a new approach to shopping and cooking for meals that we think is really neat, we decided we should share it with you. We don't have any affiliation or relationship with the company, so the only reason you're hearing about it is that we think you should know.

Blue Apron 

What It Is

In a nutshell, Blue Apron ( offers a subscription service that provides you with delivery of pre-portioned ingredients, recipes and instructions to prepare healthy, well-balanced meals. You can choose from meat & fish recipes or vegetarian and the number of people you want to serve. Delivery is free and you need only have some basic ingredients and equipment in your kitchen to take advantage of the service.


What's Cool About It

We know that sometimes you want to try new recipes or work on your technique in the kitchen but the task can seem overwhelming. Spending hours shopping in the grocery store can sometimes sap the joy out of the process and preparing what may or may not actually end up as a tasty meal can be intimidating. Here, the recipes have been tested and tasted and the ingredients are already purchased and parceled out for you. No waste, which we think is a great idea.


Another Reason That We Like Them

In addition to having a concept that we think is great, Blue Apron also believes in community responsibility. When they have extra food, they donate it to City Harvest, a community organization that feeds the hungry in New YOrk, where the company is based.


Blue Apron's service is available in about 29 states at present (mostly Eastern and Midwest) and will be expanding nationwide soon. We think Blue Apron has an interesting approach that's worth checking out if you want to try some more new things in the kitchen but like the idea of a convenient service that gives you a head start.


Let us know what you think!