Quick Tips for Quick Trips



Summer is just around the corner and many of us are thinking about summer vacations. Sometimes it's hard to plan how much time you can take off from work or how to deal with your kids schedules or predict what the weather may be like. Whatever the reason we just can't or don't always want to make firm plans. But you still want to get away and find a little relaxation from your busy life.


How about short trips near by?  Many of us live in areas that we usually don't fully explore.  Whether it's just lunch at a new Vietnamese restaurant downtown or a weekend at a spa that's, short trips can be just what you need to get a new perspective and put a big smile on your face. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:


Take a Staycation

Whether you have one night or a long weekend, explore your own city in a way you haven't done before. Take that chocolate tour, visit that museum you've never been to, eat at a new restaurant, have dessert at the fancy hotel with a spectacular view...find something fun you've never done in your town before. Think of yourself as a tourist in your own town. Visit a hotel and pick up brochures for attractions that you've never actually seen. If you plan an itinerary and stick to it you'll learn a lot about what's fun and interesting your home town. You may even find some new favorites you didn't know existed. 


Take a Road Trip

Decide how long you want to drive. Draw a circle on a map and see what falls into that area. It could be a small town with a little bed & breakfast spot or a state or national park where you can spend all day exploring. Many state parks have reasonable accomodations nearby so staying overnight won't break the bank. Sometimes we stay at an economical hotel so we can really splurge on a beautiful dinner. Whatever is most important to you, make that a priority and you'll have a wonderful time.


Take A Train Ride

Maybe you don't like to drive or don't have a car. No problem. Take a short train ride for a day trip or weekend outing. Even if you do have a car traveling by train can be a relaxing way to visit a new destination and enjoy the journey. Bring along a book or e-reader or just enjoy the scenery and don't worry about the traffic or timing. You'll get there on schedule. If you're lucky enough to be on a train that has a dining car or club car - even better. 


Be Spontaneous

It's not always easy, especially for us planners, but sometimes the best memories come from experiences we don't actually plan. Maybe something is cancelled or you just have an open weekend day. If that's the case jump on the Internet and see if there's a festival, art show, or food or wine-tasting event you might check out. You'll learn something new, have a good time, and maybe meet some new friends. 


No summer vacation plans? Don't worry. Even with little time and minimal preparation you can find some fun ways take some time out and enjoy something new and different right around the corner. Happy travels!