Quick Ideas To Posh-ify Your Super Bowl!


Tired of the same old chips and dip in a football shaped bowl, lukewarm chicken wings from the neighbors and the cheapest beer available from your in-laws? Well here are a few quick ideas to push your Super Bowl Party into Posh Gear.


1. Make it a VIP Event. Take a photo of each person when then come to the door. Make up some SWAG (SWAG is a great acronym for media folks sometimes standing for Stuff We Always Get but really meaning Sundries, Wearables and Give-aways!) goodie bags with fun items, including team memorabilia and give them to each guest when they enter. You can include other gifts like cologne or perfume samples, great looking postcards, lottery tickets, or a raffle ticket if you decide to have your own drawing. Include some football-related items like pens or koozies as well as things for those who are more interested in the festivities than the game. Make sure to have some noshes on hand that are fit for VIPs. Go upscale: If you're doing burgers and dogs, add some kebabs or shrimp to the bbq. Think about some foods that can be dressed up but are good for a crowd, such as pasta dishes, sushi or paella. Or go for purely elegant fare such as wine and cheese or champagne, caviar and pate. Use your imagination and give your VIPs a special treat with a front row seat!


2. Go For A Theme. You know yourself and your guests better than anyone. Pick a theme that they can participate in and enjoy. Are you rooting for a particular team? Go all out for the city that never sleeps - be sure to have some cheesecake and slices on hand. Or, if you're a fan New England, why not make a clam bake, a or a good old fashioned seafood feast, complete with salty decor and a platter of goodies. For something a little more on the elegant side, try a "big shot" theme where you and your guests can be the owners, the managers, the insiders of the game. Then be sure to have plenty of all the best tastes on hand.


3. Have an Artisinal & Craft Tasting Party. Skip the mass-market munchies and head straight for the local and refined to indulge your guests. Pick up some local craft beers and/or wine. Get some small batch cheeses and grass-fed beef slices or Amish chicken. Add an assortment of delicious artisinal breads. Provide lots of 'fixins and let your guests make their own handcrafted sandwiches. You can also have some already made items like tenderloin beef sandwiches and gourmet chili. Make your own or offer some upscale sides sides like homemade veggie or sweet potatoe chips or tater tots, crabcakes with a little tarter sauce topper or gaspacho shots.  Provide everyone with info. for learning about the special treats you have and then be sure to get their opinions


4. Steel Chef Competition. There can be gridiron chiefs and steel chefs at the same time. Pick an item that everyone in your group enjoys, like chili or nachos or pizza or ribs and have a competitition among your guests for whose cuisine reigns supreme. Decide the parameters of the competition, provide instructions to everyone and then let them at it. You can provide all the supplements that go along. Let everyone taste the competitors dishes and then cast their ballots. You can provide prizes for the top vote getters and ask them to share the recipe with you so you can add it to the menu for next year's party.


5. Advertising Awards. For some people, the Super Bowl isn't about the game. It's about the crazy and expensive commercials many companies run during the Super Bowl. So create your own party to premiere the Super Bowl of Advertising. Treat it like a movie premiere and give everyone some razzle dazzle, Glitz and glamour. Be sure your decor and food match the ambiance. Champagne and elegant small bites with delicious desserts, decadent truffles and chocolates can add to the allure. You can have a drawing for movie tickets, a limousine ride, trip to a day spa, massage or other treat as well. Be sure to have everyone share their opinions about the ads too. That can be entertainment in itself!

These are just a few quick and easy ideas to pump up the posh at your Super Bowl party. Have fun and enjoy the game - and let us know your other ideas about how to kick up your party plans!

...And, don't forget that the Animal Planet will be airing Puppy Bowl VIII, on February 5 at 3pm E/P 2pm Central. If you're an animal lover, you won't want to miss it or the Kitten Half Time Show. Visit the Animal Planet for all the details and some great video highlights!