One Day At A Time

Although this title might have you thinking about the 70's show of the same name, today we're talking about how to incorporate a new habit one day every week to help you live just a bit better life. Sound intriguing? Take a look at the following simple 7 ideas, try them out and let us know how it goes.


1. Walk 15-30 minutes to start your day. Not only will it get your blood going but it gives you some time to think about your day and what you want to accomplish.


2. Add more fruits & vegetables to your diet. Summer is the perfect time to do it with fresh produce available at your local Farmer's Market. Consider juicing for at least one meal a day. You may find yourself with a bit more energy and a more restful night. 


3. Limit checking your email. This can be a tough one. We all have serious FOMO (fear of missing out) these days. How about adding a bit more YOLO (you only live once)? Turn off your email and social media notifications for just one morning or afternoon and set yourself free. 


4. Eat lunch outside. If the weather isn't cooperating, how about eating anywhere other than your desk? You'll be able to clear your mind. If you can, have a short walk and breathe some fresh air. You'll be amazed at how much it revitalizes you.


5.  Leave work at a reasonable hour. Instead of doing just one more thing, consider stopping and leaving it until tomorrow. There were many times that we've one-more-thinged ourselves into 2 or more hours of work. If there's a deadline and you have to work, so be it. But make sure you take a break to eat some healthful snacks. And, take a break from your screens once in awhile. When you're through, go enjoy the evening air, read a book or listen to some favorite music. Make sure you can tell when the work day is done and enjoy yourself the rest of the time.


6. Drink more water. We just never really get enough water, especially in the summer. Add some lemon, mint or cucumber to add a little flavor and vitamins to your water.  Carrying a reusable water bottle keeps it accessible and eco-friendly. 


7. Be Grateful. Gratitude is something that we often forget about. We all can find many things we're grateful for every day. Take the time to be conscious of the wonderful people, things and places that touch your life. Writing a thank you card, making a phone call or just saying a simple "thank you" will make you feel good and brighten someone's day immeasurably.


Simple actions can add up to a lot of good. Try doing just one of these suggestions each day for a week and see what your week feels like at the end. We bet you'll have had a fabulous week! Let us know how it goes.