Need A Winter Break?

Even though we just finished the warmest year on record, some of us may still long for a sunny beach and warmer weather. It's never too early to start planning for a little winter getaway. Here are a few suggestions for where to go or at least how to get a brief distraction from your work day.

Playa Del Carmen 

Playa Del Carmen

Mexico has always been on the short list for quick and inexpensive get-aways. We were in Playa Del Carmen a while back and loved it. There's a lot to do but if you prefer, you can simply lounge on the beach all day and enjoy. The historic Mexican ruins of Tulum and the exotic shopping of Cozumel are each a short journey away from Playa Del Carmen. Plenty of great restaurants and shopping await on "5th Avenue." Read more about Playa Del Carmen here...


The Other St. Petersburg

We're not taking Russia, we're talking Florida. This quieter coast of the sunshine state provides the rest and relaxation you might need while still providing lots to see and do. For more on St. Petersburg click here... 

Taste of the Bahamas

If you're just looking to get the feel of the tropics without having to leave your current climes try out some of these tasty recipes of the Bahamas here...

Hopefully these suggestions gave you some ideas or at least warmed you up just a little. What are some of your favorite winter break destinations? Send us your favorites at and we'll pick one of the suggestions to win a comfy long-sleeved PoshPorts t-shirt.