Meet our newest Ambassadors

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new faces to our PoshPorts team. Amelia and Jake joined us this week from the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago.


While at first they were a bit shy and hesitant to voice their own opinions, they have quickly assimilated and are certainly soon to be running the place. We had been searching for just the right staff members for quite awhile and this brother and sister team are just what we needed to start 2012 on the right track.


Amelia is a free-spirited adventurer who bravely explores new places. She especially enjoys solo travel at higher elevations. Like her namesake, Amelia Earhart, she is a feisty female who loves flying on her own terms and living on the edge. A fastidious organizer, Amelia does not tolerate a messy work place (we'll have some compromising to do on this one) but is willing to pitch in and clean up whenever necessary. She is quite a beauty and a fan of being in front of the camera. Amelia has never met any pa-purr-azzi she doesn't like and is willing to provide a wide array of alluring poses on a moment's notice.


Jake is Amelia's slightly older (probably by about 5 minutes) and a bit larger brother. He has a tendency to throw his weight around (literally) and although not as studious as Amelia, Jake makes up for it with his boundless enthusiasm. He's also an explorer but likes to keep his feet on the ground or on top of a colleague in the office. He enjoys fine cuisine and cold, fresh water in abundance. Napping and time to snuggle are very important to Jake. He likes to remind everyone how much he appreciates them. Head-butts, kisses and snuggles are given freely. He's a fair and balanced reciprocater, and we think his management style is a purr-fect fit.

Born on October 27, 2011 and weighing in at roughly 2.75 pounds each today, Jake and Amelia are sure to become two of our most popular PoshPorts Ambassadors. We look forward to sharing further stories of their growth and adventures with you in the future.

As you know, at PoshPorts we like to live well without spending a fortune and we share our tips and tricks on how to do just that with you. We also love our animals friends. We are Audubon and Sierra Club members, support the World Wildlife Fund and many other local animal advocacy groups in Chicago too.

When we decided to bring in some new members to our staff, we checked with many of our friends who rescue animals everyday. People like Sheri Berliner of Petraits, who has saved hundreds if not thousands of animals. Virtually Home Chicago also is a wonderful source for adopting pets. These are all low cost ways of finding just the right pet for you. These animals are all looking for forever homes to be loved and to provide their new family with unconditional love right back.

We ultimately found our pair of siblings at The Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago. We had found our previous cat Kohl there and since we had him for 20 years we thought that it might just work out again. We're off to a great start and hope to have our little darlings just as long.


So if you are looking for or thinking about adopting a pet, please be sure to check with one of these great organizations. If you're looking to donate money or volunteer time, please check out their websites.


We're looking for some creative titles for our latest team members so please add your suggestions on our Facebook page.