It's That Time of Year Again...

Golden Globes? Grammys? Super Bowl? Oscars? Nope, cold and flu season. You can't turn on the television, check your social media accounts or leave the house without someone talking about having a cold or the flu. Our household is no exception. We just finished up a round of colds that was thankfully short-lived. Perhaps your family has caught one of the numerous bugs going around. If you travel during this time of year, you may be exposed even more than usual to the various transferrable illnesses out there on planes, trains, boats and buses you have to share with so many others. Because some of the latest culprits have been particularly difficult to deal with this year,  we thought we'd take a break from our usual talk about food and travel to share some of our own favorite cold and flu remedies with you. 

EO Cleansing Spray keeps your hands clean.

Avoid the germs

A lot of things can compromise your immune system. Travel is certainly one of them. When you are confined in an airplane with hundreds of your closest sick or soon-to-be sick friends it's often impossible not to get their germs. We always travel with hand santizer. My favorite is EO Hand Cleansing Spray. It's organic lavender with echniacea. Made with organic lavender essential oil and organic echinacea extract, this stuff smells great and kills all those nasty germs. Plus lavender is naturally an antiseptic and can be used for minor scrapes and cuts as well.

This hot water, lemon and spice concoction is just what the doctor ordered.  

Drink, Drink, Drink

No, not drinking games. Just plenty of fluids. If you're congested, hot tea of any kind works wonders. We're fans of I Love Lemon Tea with more lemon and honey added to our mug. We've recently become fans of a hot water and lemon infusion recommended by Anupy Singla in her blog Indian As Apple Pie. We've even taken to drinking it on non-sick days because we like the flavor so much. If you read Anupy regularly you'll get even more great recipes and tips on how to cook easy Indian recipes at home. 

And don't forget the old stand-by chicken soup. Whether it's homemade from somebody's grandma's recipe or fresh from a can of Campbell's, chicken soup won't cure your cold but it will help you feel better. Just ask the Mayo clinic who say that "chicken soup acts as an anti-inflammatory and temporarily speeds up the movement of mucus through the nose. This relieves congestion and limits the amount of time viruses are in contact with the lining of your nose. Plus, soup and other liquids help loosen congestion and prevent dehydration." That may sound pretty clinical, but all we know is it tastes good and feels soothing, both good things when you're not feeling your best. 

We've been to lots of fancy hotels but my favorite bed is always at home. 

Get Some Rest

We all have a lot to do but especially when you're under the weather you need some extra rest. Sleep in, take a nap and go to bed earlier than usual. This will give your body a chance to recover from whatever ails you. There's been quite a bit of discussion lately about staying home from work if you're sick. We know it makes sense - most of us don't want to spread our germs to our collegues and friends. If you don't have sick days maybe you can arrange to work from home for a day or two and only do what is really necessary. We all think we're important and no one else can do our jobs - don't worry they will get by without you for a few days and may even appreciate you more when you return. 

Emergen-C comes in lots of flavors and formulas - pick the one that's right for you. 

Keep the Immune System Strong

Eating right, working out and getting enough sleep regularly are all ways to keep your immune system running properly. Eating whole foods and lots of fruits and vegetables is always a good idea but even more so during cold and flu season. Working out and keeping your body strong will help you get rid of the bug faster if  you do manage to get one. And getting a full-night's sleep will not only help you recover from a cold or flu, but studies have also shown that those who regularly get enough sleep are actually  less likely to develop one in the first place. 

Stress also puts strain on our bodies so be sure to find ways to unwind and relieve that stress by the end of the day. We like to go back to our gratitude list and remind ourselves of all that we have to be grateful for at the end of each day. This can really help keep minor annoyances and aggravations of the day in perspective. 

We're also big users of Emergen-C. We take it when we travel and when we're sick. Their Immune+ formula supports your immune system with key nutrients your body needs. Plus for us folks in the winter-sun-lacking-midwest it has a strong dose of Vitamin D, which can help to boost your immunity.

That's our best advice for staying well. We hope that you can avoid the many bugs traveling around this time of year. But if you don't, please take care of yourself and see a physician if your condition gets worse or does not improving after a few days. There's nothing more important than your health - unfortunately we don't always think about that until we're unhealthy. 

If you have any tips you want to share please do so on our Facebook page and we'll pick the remedy with the most "likes" to get a comfy long-sleeved PoshPorts t-shirt.