how to live a Posh lifestyle

What do you think of when you hear the word "posh"? Do you think of a stylish restaurant or hotel? Lavish treatment in a spa or exotic location? Elegant clothing and accessories? All of the above? Well, we want to clarify the record that poshness doesn't necessarily require extreme wealth. Of course, money doesn't hurt, but just as lots of money doesn't by "class" neither does it make you posh. One of our friends recently said that every time he reads about us he's impressed and confused about why the rest of us don't live like we do.


We want to show you exactly how you can enjoy a posh lifestyle by understanding that it is a choice that involves your state of being, not just the state of your bank account. And, as Posh Girls without unlimited financial resources ourselves, we want to show you how you can live the posh lifestyle you've always admired - it's easier than you might think. Here are our Posh Rules to follow as you pursue your own posh lifestyle:


1. Quality over quantity. Some people believe that having a lot of "things" (whether clothing, shoes, accessories, household knick-knacks, etc.) is a symbol of opulence. If those things are all very high quality, then they would be right. However, many people substitute quantity for quality, and that is absolutely not posh. The truly posh would rather have a few exquisite items than a bunch of junk. That was theory behind the little black dress with pearls. You only need one but it should fit you like a glove. Don't try to fill your closet with clutter. Polish it with posh. Think about this in all areas of your life. The posh lifestyle involves selection and discernment - from quality friends to quality linens. When you demand the best in everything, the rest will have no place. This leads us to Posh Rule #2:




2. Style and substance. Posh people are not interested in showy displays of wealth or gaudy, ostentatious over-presentation. The idea that too much of a good thing is a good thing is absolutely not posh. A posh lifestyle involves surrounding yourself with stylish and meaningful items - things that have beauty, substance and style are much preferred over the flavor of the month which changes by popular tastes of a more common variety. Classic elegance never goes out of style, whether its in the way you entertain your guests with refined table-settings and beautiful flower arrangements, or whether you invite a small group of equally refined and interesting friends of substance to that dinner party. Keep things neat and avoid clutter. Be aware of how your surroundings impact yourself and others. Be sure that when you travel, you bring back mementos that express the unique pleasures of your journey and the experiences you had. Share the joy of your experiences with others as well. There is no substitute for style.



3. Learn the art of conversation. Posh is not a synonym for snobby. Posh people do not look down upon other people or act as if they are better than… A posh lifestyle is one that seeks out and honors what is unique, special, interesting and meaningful - in people and experiences. One way to do that is through articulate conversation and an inquisitive mind. A posh lifestyle is full of wonder and hunger for all the hidden gems that less refined lifestyles overlook. Anyone wealthy can simply throw money around and demand expensive things. But a posh person demands more than that - meaningful connections with people, places and experiences. To be posh means to be knowledgeable and comfortable with a wide array of people and topics. When you can dazzle others with your sparkling conversation you have truly made an impression, which is very posh. And the most posh way to dazzle others with sparkling conversation is to be sure that they are included - from your expression of interest in their views and experiences as well as the sharing of your own.





4. Mind your manners and be gracious. One sure sign that you are posh is that you are "well heeled" meaning that you know that manner matter. You are conscious about etiquette and appropriate behavior in all circumstances. You enjoy entertaining others and are known for your gracious hosting of parties that are so engaging and fun that people hope that they are on your guest list and reminisce about the fabulous time they had for days. You also know that when you select your guests, they are part of your posh lifestyle and you make sure that they feel as treasured and significant as they are to you. Gracious entertaining and etiquette are hallmarks of the posh lifestyle.




5. Take care of yourself. Posh people are healthy people. They take care of their physical and emotional needs. They respect themselves enough to eat properly, exercise regularly and respect limits of abusive behavior and over-indulgence. It is not posh to get drunk and dance on the tabletop with a lampshade on your head. It is posh to enjoy the great outdoors with a physical game, a hike or walk and get a breath or two of fresh air. Looking and feeling well are a sign of self-respect, and the posh lifestyle encompasses self-respect in abundance.



6. Live consciously and generously. The posh lifestyle is not about conspicuous consumption. A signature of the Posh is an awareness and appreciation of not only what is wonderful in life, but also of what is not. A willingness to support meaningful causes, engage with charities and philanthropies, and provide support - whether financial, emotional or physical - is an integral part of the posh lifestyle. You need not dig trenches to live consciously. Buying fair trade coffee, giving excess canned goods to a local food drive, providing gifts to Toys for Tots at the holidays and donating clothing to the GoodWill or Salvation Army are just a few examples of ways that posh people can contribute. If you are looking to do more, there is a world of opportunity. You will see world-class chefs preparing meals at a homeless shelter, top designers stocking the runway for a charity fashion show, and celebrities sitting on phone banks for telethons and drives. A posh lifestyle requires you to share whatever gifts you have been given and to live consciously in our globally interconnected world.



7. Demand the best, not the most expensive. The posh lifestyle is about quality, style and substance - not about extravagant spending. If you want to live a posh lifestyle, this means you seek out the best quality you can afford. It does not mean you become materialistic, spend money you don't have to impress others and go into debt. As we've tried to point out in the previous rules, being posh is not about being rich or being better than others or being flashy and extravagant. Its about having the kind of style and substance that gets noticed and admired because it comes from a quiet self-assuredness that you are someone who understands and appreciates the finer things in life, has good taste and doesn't need to demand attention - because you just get it. You expect and seek the best, which is not necessarily the most expensive. A beautiful picnic basket filled with homemade gourmet treats a bottle of delicious wine and some crisp linen napkins when shared on a hilltop with a spectacular view can be better than a meal that costs 10 times as much eaten in a noisy, trendy restaurant by an arrogant staff who forget that you are paying their salary.



When thinking about a posh lifestyle, consider some people who have transcended their time and are considered to be the sort of posh person you admire. Here are a few to get you thinking: Grace Kelly, Victoria and David Beckham, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, Ralph Lauren.


So, now that you can see that living a posh lifestyle is well within reach, what are you waiting for? Pursue the Posh!