Honoring Boston's Great Traditions

>In light of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon this week, we thought we'd highlight some of the wonderful things we know and love about this great and historic American city. From cuisine to attractions, Boston offers something for everyone, and we encourage you to explore this beautiful waterfront destination. Here are some of our very favorite "Beantown" delights. 


1. Lobster Rolls and Fresh Seafood - When you visit a town with such deep ties to the sea, it's a treat to enjoy all the fresh food that comes from such proximity. Boston's cuisine is world-famous for its fresh seafood and particularly its lobster roll. Many local establishments offer preparations from classic to adventurous. Try any that strike your fancy and you're sure to enjoy it all.


2. Faneuil Hall and the Freedom Trail - "No taxation without representation" arguably the initial protest leading to the American revolution was first articulated at Faneuil Hall in 1764. The area has served as a marketplace and to this day continues to be one of Boston's premier locations for entertainment, eating and drinking, and shopping as well. It is one of the stops on the Freedom Trail, a mostly red brick path that takes you through many significant historic sites.


3. Haymarket Square- If you love farmer's markets, and who doesn't really, don't miss Haymarket, right in the middle of the city. This is street food theater at its best, with a vast array and super cheap prices. Open on Friday and Saturday as long as the sun is up, the vendors are as entertaining as their offerings are fresh. Shop for wicked fresh produce from its namesake vendor!


4. Beacon Hill - Another truly historic area, Beacon Hill is now considered one of the most desirable and expensive neighborhoods in Boston. The Massachusetts State House is a highly visible landmark in the area that has been home to such notable figures as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Louisa May Alcott, John Hancock, Robert Frost, John Cheever and Jack Welch.


5. Boston Harbor - It can be said that Boston would not be Boston without Boston Harbor. The natural harbor was the site of the Boston Tea Party, the harbinger of the American revolution. But more than that, the harbor area provides a wealth of attractions from the USS Constitution, the massive flagship known as "Old Ironsides," the New England Aquarium, and the nation's oldest continuously manned lighthouse, to the islands of the outer harbor and more. If you have some time, taking a cruise along the harbor provides a wonderful way to soak it all in and relax at the same time.


Of course there are so many other attractions such as Boston's oldest public park the Boston Common, the Old North Church where two lanterns in the steeple warned Paul Revere that the British were coming by sea, the Boston Pops, Museum of Fine Arts, JFK Presidential Museum & Library, Fenway Park the oldest major league baseball park in the U.S. and much, much more. 

Boston is the birthplace of American independence, a city with rich cultural and culinary traditions well worth celebrating and visiting. 

If you're looking for another way to support Boston consider a donation to The One Fund set up by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino t help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred on April 15, 2013.