Happy Birthday to Sue!

By Chief Ambassador Sue Reddel

So, today may not be your birthday - but it's almost my birthday and I'm a huge believer in celebrating your birthday and celebrating it every way possible. My birthday is June 28th and when I was a kid that meant that my birthday was during summer vacation. Although my Mom tried her best to plan birthday parties - from pool parties, bowling parties, mini-golf parties - it was always difficult to get many kids to attend because of vacations and summer commitments. I always felt a little jipped because I couldn't celebrate with my friends during the school year like everyone else. In those days, long before food allergies became so pervasive, and educators would go out of their way to be sure no one had hurt feelings, moms would make cupcakes and cookies to share with your classmates. Not mine. 

Birthday Month
Just a few of the friends and treats I've shared this month.

When I became an adult I changed all that. To make my birthday special I began celebrating birthday week. Fun times were had all week long. Little gifts, dinners, multiple parties. Soon that wasn't enough time to get everything in so I expanded it to birthday month. Birthday month has been going strong for many years. When I was working in corporate America I'm pretty certain that everyone I worked with dreaded my birthday month because I would tell everyone about it and drive everyone batty. They couldn't wait for June 30th to arrive.

This year, I decided to change birthday month up a little. When I sat down in January, I made a pact with myself to live with more gratitude. What better way to show my gratitude to my friends than by spending 30 days with them. I came up with the idea that I would plan to go out with a different person every day of June AND go to new place to eat every day as well. It didn't have to be a full meal, it could be a drink or snack, anything as long as we could get together.

I just passed Birthday Month Day #26 and I'm still going strong. My friends have all played along and I have so far met my goal. Even with a few last-minute lineup changes, it's worked out pretty well. I've also had the chance to discover new favorite restaurants. Too often we keep going back to the same places and never get to experience a new cuisine or dish. One could argue that with more than half of the days containing samples of pork variations such as bacon, pork belly, tenderloin, bacon (and did I mention bacon?) my palate could still use a bit more broadening. But I did learn that I actually like some Indian food - a revelation - and that not all nuts are bad, a big change for me. 

Some folks might call this self-indulgent. I would agree that it is selfish because I want to spend quality time with my friends. Too often we get tied up with work, family commitments and life to make time to catch up with our friends, and sometimes even our family members. This little social experiment has opened my eyes again to how lucky I am to know such amazing people, different people whom I love very much.  

As I wrap up birthday month I hope that you create and discover new ways to celebrate you and your birthday. Life is short. Don't wait to celebrate next year or next week. Call or text a friend today and make plans to get together. You'll be glad you did - and so will they. 

Do you have any unique ways of celebrating your birthday? Share them with us at Corporate@poshports.com and we might just send you a special birthday gift.