Greek Summer Fun in Chicago

We were out and about this weekend and thought we'd stop in for a Greek lunch. When we arrived in Greek Town we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the annual Greek Fest was taking place.


We made our way up and down the main street that embodies Greektown, looking at all the colorful displays by the vendors and smelling all the Greek goodness around us. Most of the shops were also open to explore. The bakeries, candle stores and music shops all made for an interesting afternoon. We ultimately chose to enjoy our lunch from Rodity's restaurant.



Honestly, they won our hearts on best food display alone. They made everything look terrific, delicious and incredibly fresh! The gyros, Greek salad and chicken combo provided more than enough to share and did not disappoint. The food was simply delicious. We are typically Santorini (we love their fish and seafood dishes) and Greek Islands girls (we love the ambiance, just like being in a little Greek village). But trying Rodity's was an excellent choice to step out of our comfort zone and be handsomely rewarded for taking a calculated risk. Frankly, we couldn't really decide what to get. Their seafood combo with lobster, crabmeat and shrimp also looked fantastic. The skewers were tempting too, loaded with tender meat and ample grilled vegetables. But we opted for the traditional trifecta and were glad we did. We also got their Sangria, and while not very "Greek" in origin, it was quite tasty.



We must have looked like we were enjoying the food because several folks stopped by our table as we were eating and asked us where we ordered from - then headed straight over to the Rodity's counter. While we enjoyed our lunch, we felt a little bit more Greek sitting in the sunshine and listening to the Greek music from the speakers. If we had come in the evening, we would have been treated to live Greek bands playing a variety of music, and most likely done a little dancing in the street, a common activity with the dinner and dessert crowd in the evenings. One thing about Greek culture, while you're in the middle of its food and fun, you really don't think about being anywhere else!


One of the things we love best about Chicago is the opportunity to explore the many fests and events that happen every weekend. It would be a full-time job to keep up with all of them, much less attend them all. So if you're coming to town be sure to do your research. You don't want to miss out on a wonderful and tasty experience. Then let us know what you did and what you liked. In the mean time, Bon Appetit or as we say in Greek, Kali Orexi!