Getting More Bang For Your Entertainment Buck

We admit it. We have a giant case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when it comes to fun. We also know that we could put our bank accounts in a tizzy if we saw, did, ate, went to everything we wanted. So, like most people on a reasonable budget, we have to make choices, as we just did when we heard that the legendary Rolling Stones band was coming to our city on what could arguably their last tour ever - something we didn't want to miss, even though the "good" seats clocked in at $600 each! 

You're probably confronted with similar decisions when figuring out how to spend your limited discretionary dollars. So here are a few tips we employ so that we can get the most fun for the money. You might try a few of these and see how they work for you. 

Rolling Stones Concert 

1. Get the cheap seats. If there's a concert, sporting event or show you really want to see but ticket prices are through the roof - go for the cheap seats. Do your research and get the best ones you can, but don't give up on the experience just because you can't be in the best spot on the floor. Remember, there's a lot of technology employed these days (giant screens, replays, etc.) that make the experience great for just about everyone.


Chicago Cubs  

2. Be flexible. Sometimes if you are willing to wing it, you'll be able find last minute tickets to something that might be sold out or for a great discount. Companies like GoldStar even have ways for you to find out in advance what they have available, while those like Hot Tix let you go the day of to see what they have on hand. 


3. Pick a non-prime time. If you're willing to go when not everyone else is, you can save yourself a bundle. Flying on Tuesdays and Wednesdays will help you with transportation costs, dining earlier or later than the usual dinnertime hours will get you into that restaurant with a 3-month wait and planning a tour when the tourist season is not in full swing can help you get that dream vacation for less. Just be sure that timing is only minimally impactful and not something huge you don't want to deal with - like hurricane season, for example. 

Lunch at Daniel Boulud's in Singapore.  

4. Go ala carte. Another great way to sample things without breaking the bank is to dip your toe in the water without getting soaked. If there's a fabulous but expensive restaurant you want to try - how about going for lunch or drinks instead of dinner? If you want to experience the unique qualities of a new destination, plan a few unique daily activities rather than booking a full multi-day tour. Do your homework to see what you might like in advance and plan accordingly.  

With just a little planning and thinking ahead, you can enjoy all the wonders of the world without having to spend every last dime. We hope these ideas help you deal with your own FOMO in a good way. If you have other ideas, we'd love to hear them. Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!