Five Fabulously Fun Things To Do This Fall

Well, the chill is beginning to tickle the air and football season has started, so we know that Fall is coming! Autumn is just about our favorite season here, so we're going to give you a few ideas of things that we love to do during this most colorful season.

Most of these are value-packed ideas, things that provide a great deal of fun without costing big bucks. Be on the lookout for some great Fall travel deals too - they're bound to be showing up soon.


1. Visit a local farm and go fruit or vegetable picking. Of course, apples are a great favorite for us this time of year. But there are plenty of other fruits and veggies depending on your area. Persimmons, Asian pears, grapes, figs, watermelons and more can be found on the fruit side. Veggies like broccoli, squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beans and others can be picked this season too. If you like nuts, you will also be able to find almonds, walnuts and other nut groves where you can gather your own treats. Check here to find what treats are available for picking in your area.



2. Home canning, freezing, making preserves, jam or jelly, pickling and drying. Whether you go and pick your own or pick some out at the local grocery store, this is the perfect season to pack away some of your fresh fruit and vegetable treats into a perfect form for gift-giving and keeping. Homemade jams and jellies, pickles, tomato sauce or dried fruits are welcome gifts and great items to have stored away for that special treat when company's coming. Learn all about how to make these homemade treats yourself here.



3. Follow the Fall Colors. Go for a drive and see the beautiful colors of Fall as they transform many areas into a gorgeous landscape of browns, oranges, yellows and reds. If you have a little time, you can drive through a few different areas, maybe stop at a little B&B or small hotel along the way. Take some time to enjoy the beauty around you, relax and appreciate Nature's majesty. Sometimes just taking it all in is the best way to remember what is truly important and to gain a little perspective and much-needed R & R from our workaday worlds. And, if you've got a camera - take it with you to remember that beauty when the winter winds blow your way. See when and where you can catch the colors at their peak here.


4. Pick your pumpkin out of its patch. While we're sometimes so busy that we pick our pumpkins out of the big cardboard boxes in the front of the grocery store, with just a little planning, we could make a day of it and enjoy a great experience with a whole bunch of Fall fun. There's something to be said for visiting a PYO (pick your own) pumpkin farm because, in addition to the satisfaction of getting that perfectly round orange foundation for carving your favorite Jack O' Lantern grin, there are often a variety of activities to put you in the seasonal spirit. You can find corn mazes, hayrides, haunted houses, festivals and more, often with a fundraising component for worthy organizations. For  more info. about pumpkin patches and activities near you, have a look here.



5. Check out the Fall Festivals in your neck of the woods. The season for Oktoberfest celebrations, music festivals, craft fairs, food feasts, and farmer's markets around the world. Opportunities abound to see sheep shearing, corn shucking, cider making, pumpkin carving or enjoy cultural immersion in the autumn celebrations of people around the world. Close to home there are plenty of ways to celebrate regional crops, growers and fruits of the harvest as well as the local artisans who keep the creative juices flowing, whatever the season. For just one place to see worldwide harvest happenings check this out.


So, there's our list of five suggestions for fun in the Fall.  We know that there are plenty of other favorite Fall diversions, such as sipping hot cider and making s'mores. Why don't you tell us about your other favorite Fall activities?