El Bulli at the Movies

We had the opportunity to see the movie "El Bulli: Cooking in Progress" this weekend in Chicago. Foodies in the crowd know that El Bulli was the infamous Spanish restaurant run by Ferran Adrià and his talented crew. Diners would wait up to a year for reservations to this legendary establishment.


The movie takes us through the development of one of El Bulli's menus. Keep in mind that I do not consider myself a foodie or a chef. I am clearly an eater. One who enjoys food and learning more about it. Having said that, this movie is extremely interesting to watch and learn how culinary artists develop the 35 courses that the diner will enjoy during their evening at El Bulli.


It's interesting how they experiment with flavors and techniques attempting to achieve the perfect blend that they imagine will be successful. Adrià clearly runs the program and makes all final decisions but his master chefs also play an important role in the development. Creating over 1,800 unique dishes in the 25 years El Bulli was open is simply remarkable.


Sadly the restaurant is closed until 2014 at which time Adrià will open the "El Bulli Foundation" which will continue to showcase innovative inventions but will not be in the same style as El Bulli.


If you like me never had a chance to dine at El Bulli you may want to consider visiting Grant Achatz's, former El Bulli chef, restaurant in Chicago, Next. As part of his revolving spectacles they will be featuring a homage to El Bulli in January 2012. It has been reported by the Chicago Tribune that Ferran Adrià not only approves but plans to fly his chef de cuisines and dining room managers from Spain to Chicago to collaborate. You will need to test your patience with their rather unique and trying reservation system. We have only two words for it, good luck.


To get a sneak peak check out the trailer.


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