Baby It's Cold Outside

2014 has come in like a bear with lots of snow, wind and bitter cold. While we still may have a few months of winter to contend with there are a few things we can do to help make this chilly time a little more comfortable. 

winter wonderland



Instead of whining about the cold, fire up the crockpot and make some soup, chili or other recipe that will cook all day. It will make your home smell wonderful and full of life. Eating a comfort meal that's been taunting you with its wonderful aroma all day will warm you from the inside. 




Putting on the extra clothes will help you stay warm as you go about your daily chores. The layers create a space for warm air to circulate and be recaptured around you, keeping the warmth your body generates from escaping. If you get warm you can easily peel off a layer. It's also a good idea to stay away from cotton and try wool orblends that wick away the moisture instead. They'll help to keep you dry and warm. If you're heading out, be sure to keep your head and face covered from the severe cold. Using mittens instead of gloves wil keep the warmth from your fingers together and make your hands stay warmer.



Your feet can easily become cold and wet in the sloppy winter weather. Be sure to skip the usual gym shoes or flip flops and find a good pair of boots. Look for weather-friendly footwear that repels water and keeps your toes toasty warm. Be sure to buy the right size. If you like wearing warm socks like me you may need a a little more room for comfort. 

We especially like Alpaca and Angorra socks to keep our feet warm during the winter. They are now available in lots of colors and are quite fashionable. 



Not only can you use the latest weather apps to track the weather anywhere at any time,  you can also find lots of gadgets that make your environment much more comfortable.


A very much appreciated item this holiday season is a compact towel-warmer from Conair. This little box fits nicely on the bathroom counter and quickly heats up two bath towels. A warm towel after leaving the shower is a welcome little friend. No assembly or installation required. 

Electric blankets and throws are an easy way to keep yourself nice and warm at the temperature that's just right for you. If you have pets they will soon discover the luxury of the electric blanket and become even more snuggly when you turn them on. 




It's really important to follow your local news and watch for any winter storm activity in your area. If you're traveling, check ahead to anticipate what you can expect at your destination. Have all your travel information on your smart phone including airline and hotel numbers. It may be easier and quicker to call than stand in a long line at the airport.

Traveling by car? Have an emergency bag packed in your car with all the winter essentials. Phone chargers, water, protein bars, blanket, flashlight, flares are all necesseties. A small shovel, cardboard and kitty litter can all help you out if you get stuck in snow or ice. Dress appropriately. If you get stranded or have to walk make sure you have on a warm coat, hat, gloves, scarf to cover your mouth and nose and a good pair of boots. It may seem like a lot to prepare, but in the unfortunate event that something happens, you will need this stuff to survive if the weather is against you or help takes long to arrive.


Sometimes the best option is to just call it a day and stay home. Whether it's extreme cold or expected snow there will always be another party or another chance to try the latest restaurant. Even working at home has become relatively 'normal' for everyone from time to time. Just make sure that you turn off your camera if you're doing a conference call and still in your pajamas!

Stay warm, be safe and be happy. The good news is that spring is just around the corner!