atypical spanish wear

For many people traveling for pleasure, one of the most enjoyable pursuits is shopping, especially shopping for clothing. Some of the most well-known "luxury" brands have become more homogenized and can be seen on major shopping streets around the world as well as in airports. But some fun, funky, unique and original brands that, wherever they show up at home or abroad, retain their distinct personality, despite a growing popularity or increasing availability outside of its country of origin.

One such company we found is Desigual, a clothing company that defies the rush to beige that distinguishes so many companies these days. With the slogan "it's not the same" and a truly global perspective, Desigual makes fashion fun, interesting, different and affordable. They are known for their "Atypical Spanish Wear," a descriptor that says a whole lot.

The company was founded in 1983 by Tomas Meyer of Swiss origin, who created the first unusual garment, a jacket patched together out of bold worn jeans. A great success, the point of view that clothes should be different led to some great successes and spectacular failures, both in the areas of style and finance. Eventually, the company, which launched its first brand store in Ibiza Spain, began to export to France and Portugal. Two decades later, the company had more than 2 dozen stores in Spain and in 2006 opened its first brand store outside of Spain in the shopping-crazy country of Singapore. In 2009 Desigual opened a brand store in New York and their clothes are now sold by 500 multibrand stores across the United States.

While the challenges and successes of building a global brand in fashion are intriguing, what's even more enlightening is their approach to dressing people, not bodies, an idea that has been nurtured since the founder expressed it when he started the company. Commitment, tolerance, constant improvement, innovation and fun are the hallmarks of Desigual. The company employs some 1700 people of 30 different nationalities, and while now reaching out to people in over 72 countries, the company, which believes that the concepts of business and fun should not only be compatible, but necessarily work together to make company great - a belief that we at PoshPorts firmly share as well.

We encountered Desigual's Atypical Spanish Wear on a recent visit to Barcelona. We found the store environment itself fun, lively and entertaining and, of course, couldn't help ourselves from making a purchase or two.


The shirt we purchased has a distinctive blend of pairing and stitching on it. You can see the detail in the mixed media presentation. The back of the shirt also has a distinctive bit of embroidery bearing both the Desigual brand name and stitching of a hibiscus with the outline of an island below it. Then, as if this weren't enough originality for one little blouse, the label on this item is unique to the line "Always Summer on the Beach" and bearing the unique Desigual logo (with the "s" backwards). The detail, colors and unique design elements really spoke to us.

But rather than have a shirt by itself, like good global shoppers we found a distinctive pair of cropped pants that complements the shirt above.



Aside from the extreme comfort and interesting cut of the pants, these are stitched with unique wording on that extends from the front of the leg to the left. "Better and Better Life" one of the phrases that makes an appearance now and again adorns the front of the leg below the pocket. Then various words defining "Desigual" such as "atypical and "original" along with, perhaps some life advice for that better life such as "dance," "play," and "love" are embroidered across the leg.

The fun of these unique designs makes it hard not to put on the clothing and smile. Smile about the memories of a wonderful trip. Smile about the upbeat and happy messages, beautiful workmanship, and positive approach to global fashion embraced by this company.

We're not getting anything from Desigual to tell you how much we like them. We just really do like their clothes and their world view and wanted to share our insights about a company we think fits in well with the PoshPorts attitude and style.

To learn more about this company's history, philosophy and latest fashions, visit the Desigual Website.