ate days a week

We're always looking for fun ways to spice up our cooking routines. If you eat at home a lot, getting new ideas can sometimes inspire you to try out new recipes. Or the massive amount of options available can overwhelm you so that you end up making the same thing over and over.


Here's something we've been playing with to provide a little structure but at the same time give us plenty of opportunities for creativity. We have a certain theme for each day of the week and try to cook meals, particularly dinner, keeping the day's theme in mind. This helps us narrow down the realm of possibilities, but also keeps us looking for fresh ways to liven up our meals. 


Once you get the concept you can play with it to suit your own needs and tastes. We'll give you a couple of examples of the thematic approach and provide a few dish ideas that fit within the context so you'll be able to create a weekly schedule of your own with ease.




Caesar salad with tapenade covered garlic bread crostini


#1 Weekly Meal Plan


Monday - Meatless

e.g., Pasta Primavera, big green salad or minestrone soup and crusty garlic bread


Tuesday - Global Cuisine

e.g. Greek lemon chicken with roasted vegetables, peasant salad, tzatziki and pita bread


Wednesday - One Pot

e.g., Cassoulet, arugula and spinach salad, crescent rolls with sweet butter



Leftover spaghetti turned into a yummy casserole.


Thursday - Leftovers

e.g., Reheat or re-treat whatever's left in the fridge, such as lemon chicken tacos, pasta-veggie frittata or cassoulet over toast


Friday - 30-minute Meals

e.g., Shrimp stir fry over quinoa or broiled Tilapia with couscous and green beans with lemon and garlic


Saturday - Company's Coming

e.g., Rib roast with parmesan mustard crust, Yorkshire Pudding, sauteed brussel sprouts and watercress salad with mandarin oranges


Sunday - Family Style

e.g., Oven-fried chicken or grilled bbq ribs, crispy kale chips, smashed sweet potatoes and thyme, cornbread muffins with honey butter




Breakfast casserole.


#2 Weekly Menu Plan

Monday - Breakfast for Dinner

e.g., Huevos rancheros, breakfast pizza, vegetable and cheese frittata, bacon and cheese waffles or corned beef hash


Tuesday - Crock Pot or Casserole

e.g., Hunters stew, fully-loaded baked potato soup or turkey chili


Wednesday - 5-Ingredients or Less

e.g., Easy garlic chicken with roasted cauliflower and lettuce wedge salad


Thursday - Flexitarian

e.g., Lasagna made half with meat and half with veggies, allowing for choice



Homemade pizza.  


Friday - DIY Bar

e.g., Taco or nachos bar, pizza or pasta bar, hot dog or burger bar, baked potato bar, salad bar, where various toppings are available for each person to choose their own selections - top it all off with an ice cream or frozen yogurt sundae bar!


Saturday - Favorites and Requests

e.g. Take a request for somebody's favorite, whether chicken pot pie, mac & cheese, tuna casserole or coq au vin, pork medallions in sherry cream sauce, Steak Diane or stuffed cornish game hens


Sunday - It's a Wrap or Bun for All

e.g., Sandwich that's a meal such as a veal parmesan sandwich, chicken caesar wrap, gyros, oyster po-boy, croque monsieur, or lobster roll


We hope this gives you some fun ideas and stimulates your creativity. Let us know what you come up with and we'll send you a comfy long-sleeved PoshPorts t-shirt!