Around the World in 80 Days

Many people say they want to travel around the world but would you, really? Chris Guillebeau challenged himself to just that. He decided that he would visit 193 countries before he turned 35 and last Sunday he completed his 5-year around-the-world journey in Norway. Not a small feat but made even more impressive when you realize that Chris travel "hacked" his way around the world. If you haven't heard of it, travel hacking is traveling for "free" or at low cost by leveraging multiple offers from airlines, hotels and credit cards and accumulating miles or points that can be used for your marvelous trips. 

Chris Guillebeau  

We had the chance to meet Chris when he traveled through Chicago one summer. He is a rather shy easy-going young man and although he has fans and followers the world over, he remains one of the nicest people we've ever met. He traveled throughout the United States on a grass-roots book tour that he organized himself. Meeting fans even when the groups were very small, he further endeared himself to his loyal followers.  

If you spend any time on Chris's website, you'll learn that he shares lots of tips about travel-hacking, self-publishing and other ways to live an unconventional lifestyle. Chris began his travel journeys as a volunteer executive for a medical charity in West Africa for four years. Struck by wunderlust he couldn't be happy settling down completely so he challenged himself to travel around the world. Chris has been self-employed his entire life. He is the author of such successful titles as "Become A Frequent Flyer Master," "The $100 Start-Up," "Become A Travel Hacker." As a successful entrepreneur, he is also the architect of several well-attended events like the "World Domination Summit." 

While many of us may not have the time, patience or stomach to travel the way Chris did, there are still many valuable travel-hacking tips you can use to enjoy more travel at a great value and to keep your comfort level high while globetrotting. For example, keeping track of your miles so you don't forget about them, enrolling in the right credit card programs at a time when they are offering the most bonus miles and waiving annual fees can make a big difference to your bottom-line spending. 

PoshPorts is an affilliate partner with Chris Guillebeau and we have successfully used some of his techniques to optimize our own travel miles. If you are interested in Chris and his travel programs please click here to learn more. You'll support Chris as well as Poshports.

Chris Guillebeau and his fans. 

Chris completed his travel quest last Sunday with a birthday party that he celebrated with over 120 fans that traveled from over 18 countries to see him complete his dream. What's next for Guillebeau? He's not telling - not yet, anyway. Even so, we're sure it will be exciting and he will share his story with the world.