Amman, Jordan A Lovely Place To Visit

Once again my media consultancy has me traveling to some pretty awesome places this summer. This week I've been in Amman, Jordan. It was my first time here and I truly didn't know what to expect. Sure I read up on the internet and saw there was some great historical places to visit like Petra and the Dead Sea. But what would Amman, the city be like?

When I tell people that I'm visiting the Middle East typically Americans are worried for me. I tell them not to worry. I take no unnecessary risks I always tell people where I'm going and I usually take someone with me.

Although I was only there for a short visit, and had even less time to explore I have to say that Amman surprised me. I had some amazing food. Adnan, a tour guide I hired for a 3-hour tour (yes, a 3-hour tour) proved to be a remarkable person and informative guide.

I'll be sharing more details when I get back to the States but I couldn't resist sharing at least one photo of me at the Citadel which is the center of the city. Historical, doesn't even begin to describe what you feel when you're visiting.

It's so interesting to talk to the local people and get their impressions of America and Americans. Discussing the latest madness in Syria is immensely saddening. During my training session yesterday one of the attendees we chatted with was from Syria. He mentioned that he needed to leave early to get to the airport and go home. Travel after dark is not advised and not safe. We wished him well and a safe trip home. His parting words to us were, "God save us." It still gives me chills when I think about it.

We so often get caught up in the nonsense of our day-to-day struggles that we forget about the tragedies that are going on around the world every minute. As I think about how lucky I am to be traveling aroung the world doing a job I love, I feel so blessed. I just want to take a moment and wish everyone peace. We all have something to be grateful for take a moment out of your busy day and count your blessings. You'll be glad you did.