All The Chocolate In The World

by Diana Laskaris & Sue Reddel


When we were visiting Paris this past October we had the good fortune to visit the Salon Du Chocolat - billed as the only trade show entirely devoted to chocolate - and what a treat it was!


This show has a professional day and a consumer day so literally anyone can attend. Every aspect the chocolate industry is represented, many producing countries, equipment, packaging, design, and of course, confectioners - everything you can think of is there. Chefs eagerly display their techiques and creations.


Chocolate is represented from all over the world. Present are not just the countries you'd expect like Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland but also Japan, Mexico, Africa and China.


This is one trade show where you really have to be careful how much you consume. There's chocolate of every shape, type, color and size and plenty of it for sampling. The good news is that the show is HUGE so you can easily walk off the calories you'll consume.


The truly unique elements that make the show so special are the impressive design factors. We saw clothes designed from chocolate, portraits in chocolate, chocolate sculptures ranging from the Arc de Triumph to an homage to bondage. Nothing, it seems, is off limits when dealing with chocolate at this level.



There's just too much too capture here to get a sense of the excitement, but check this video for some idea:


The show also takes place in other cities all around the world, including New York and Shanghai. If you love chocolate this is one event you won't want to miss check out the cities and dates and book your reservations today!