6 Top Leap Day Tidbits & Tips

Leap Day, the elusive February 29th, comes only once in a while. Folks do all sorts of celebrating around the fact that, for once in a very great while, we actually gain time. So, if you want to give yourself an extra special treat, we've got 6 great ways to do it with some super special Leap Day tidbits and tips!

For just a bit of history, Leap Year came about because the Romans originally had a 355-day calendar. Various changes to the calendar were made by Julius Caesar that extended the calendar to 365 days. But some of the changes were erratic, so Pope Gregory XII reformed the calendar so that a leap day would occur in any year that is "divisible by 4 but not divisible by 100 except when the year is divisible by 400." Whew, that's enough math for one day.

Leap Day has created all kinds of hub-bub over the last few days. We decided to take this extra day and give you the low-down on some unique Leap Day events and sales do you don't miss out on a thing.

1 - Women Propose to Men

According to Irish tradition, a man who receives a proposal of marriage must accept it. St. Bridget made a deal with St. Patrick to allow women to propose to men every four years. This was believed to help balance the traditional roles of men and women similar to the way Leap Day balances the calendar year. So ladies, if you're so inclined, propose to your beloved on Leap Day. Tradition says they must accept!

2  -  Frontier Airlines Leap Day Sale Fares

Low air fares if you purchase your tickets on February 29th from Frontier Airlines. Find great fares for travel to more than 70 destinations across the lower 48 states. Sale fares begin as low as $60 (with the usual disclaimers).

3 - Princess Cruises Leap Day Special

Offering passengers extra discounts off current prices equal up to a free day in Alaska and as much as $100 onboard credit. If you've ever dreamed of experiencing the he heart of the Alaska wlderness, the majesty of Denali, or the spectacular vistas of Glacier Bay, today's the day to act!

Check out Princess Cruises for all the details. 


4 - Kimpton Hotels Leap Day Specials

All 29 Kimpton's will be offering special Leap Day promotions. For example, quaff $0.29 draft beers from Charlotseville's Starr Hill Brewery or get a 29% discount at the Morrison House, Lorien Hotel & Spa or Hotel Monaco Alexandria.  Other deals include signature services at InkSpa in New York City or a $29 room at Hotel Monaco Portland if you can prove you were born on February 29! The deals are as unique as the properties so be sure check out which one fits into your travel plans.  


5 - Share Our Strength Leap Day Tweet-A-Thon for the Great American Bake Sale

They will be launching the 9th season of the Great American Bake Sale on Leap Day. Join your fellow tweeps and help spread the word with the hash tag #BakeSale you can also find them at @NoKidHungry or @GreatAmBakeSale on Twitter.  Last year the Great American Bake Sale raised over 1.4 million dollars, let's help them do even better in 2012. You can also sign up to do your own bake sale right here. 

6 - Leap Day Entertainment


Leap Day is a 2010 romcom starring Amy Adams (Julie & Julia) who plans to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day in accordance of the Irish tradition. Not an Oscar winner but a cute movie and a great way to get a glimpse of Ireland.


30 Rock Leap Day episode - if you missed this last week it's worth a look-see. They create a fictional holiday ala Festivus and combine Scrooge, Groundhog Day, Santa Clause and others. Guest stars Jim Carrey and Andie McDowell add to the fun. There are more than a few chuckles in what may become a classic episode of Tina Fey's comedic rompe.