5 Quick Holiday Decorating Tips

Even the biggest Scrooge can't help but smile just a little during the holiday season. If you stay away from all the commercial aspects it's a lot easier to do. Busy shopping malls, crazy traffic and hectic schedules sometimes make the holidays a challenging time of a year. How do we beat the holiday madness? Holiday decorating! Yes. Get out the old boxes and soon you'll find yourself reminiscing about past holidays, loved ones and all the things we adore about the month of December.

Here are a few tips on how to make your holiday decorating a little more fun and just a bit easier.

Joy To the world Pink Martini

Turn on your favorite holiday music - Whatever it is, the music is bound to get your toes tapping and have you singing along. One of our favorites is Joy to the World by Pink Martini. Of course, they cover the usual holiday classics like Silent Night and Little Drummer Boy. But this non-denominational album also showcases a little global cheer with White Christmas sung by China Forbes in English and Saori Yuki in Chinese. The Hebrew prayer "Eloahi N'Tzor" is beautiful and a favorite on the album. 

Research from your couch - If you've pinned a million photos, read all the latest design magazines and still don't feel inspired, you might want to sit back and look at all those catalogs and ads you get everyday. Even local food stores and discount stores are getting on the bandwagon by featuring holiday displays in their ads. This makes it easier on you by helping you know what you need to buy, seeing what it will look like and knowing you can customize everything to your taste. Perfect! 

Use your travels to fill your tree - We don't collect many things. But when we travel we like to pick up unique Christmas ornaments. Kiev, Dubai, Delft, Germany, San Francisco, New York and many other places and the memories we have of them adorn our tree. We also collect magnets while traveling, which people just love to explore when they visit. We've been collecting the mugs from Chicago's Chriskindlmarket for years they are a perfect way to serve hot or cold beverages. They look great and you save the planet by not using those icky styrofoam cups. 

Relax! Who says you have to win the prize for the best decorated house on the block? If you're too busy, keep it simple. You don't have to put up every single decoration you own. The important part is that you enjoy yourself and that your decorations bring out your holiday spirit.


Do you have any decorating tips that you'd like to share? Put up a tip on our Facebook page and we'll send you a little something to brighten your holiday season. Happy Holidays!