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7 More Must-Have Travel Tips

tips to make your air travel a culinary experience

No matter how you travel - first class, business class or coach - there are very few airlines that have managed to provide meals or snacks that are edible. We all know that most airlines are struggling financially. There are fewer and fewer perks, more surly customers and airline employees, and less and less enjoyment when traveling.

the most important habit

Many of us have read or at least heard about Stephen Covey's book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People." While tomes have probably been written and explored about Covey and his principles, we feel that it's worth spending a little time on the one habit we think is most important when dealing with people in an international business setting.

make the most of convention travel

For many of us, professional travel can be an absolute nightmare. Going to some distant
place with a back-breaking schedule of meetings and conference sessions, workshops or
trade show booth duty, listening to endless lectures, shaking hundreds of hands or making
the same presentation multiple times a day. It can be a drag.

But, with a little bit of foresight and advanced planning, we can turn our professional
obligation into a great opportunity to cash in on some perks that come from being

the ascott - great beijing business hotel

If you are planning a business trip to Beijing, China, chances are you might want to stay near the central business district. If you're looking for very comfortable, business-oriented accommodations that are also a good value, consider the Ascott Beijing. 


quicker customs entry into the USA

quick international business etiquette tips

One of the most important aspects of being successful in international business ventures is learning and understanding the cultural context, traditions, customs and expectations of your counterparties. We will look in-depth at many intercultural business issues in the time ahead. But for a starter, here are a few quick international business etiquette tidbits to consider.

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