Chicago Gourmet 2013

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Tastes of Summer


Paczki Day Revisited!

devil in the windy city


At PoshPorts we strive to bring you new and different things to do and experience when you're exploring new destinations or even your own home town. One of the things that we love exploring in new places is historical sites and landmarks. We recently discovered a unique tour group in our own home town. Weird Chicago offers several tours that are sure to be different way to experience Chicago.



tapping into chicago tapas

So, you can’t make a trip to Spain right now, but the call of Sangria and thrill of all those tiny plates of tasty temptations beckons you. If you’re in Chicago, you might just have a few wonderful options available to you that meet our discriminating authenticity requirements or provide for some new twists on old favorites. Here is a brief sampling of tapas offerings and a roundup of places you can feed your need in the Windy City. Here at PoshPorts, we pride ourselves on being in touch with what makes a great experience for those with discerning tastes.

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