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10 best hassle-free travel souvenirs

live from madrid!

Top 10 Tips To Pack Lighter Luggage

By Diana Laskaris

Top 8 Business Traveler Tips

7 ways to keep yourself entertained during travel

year of the rabbit and the heifer

While the actual Lunar New Year date which begins the Chinese calendar for 2011 falls on Thursday, February 3 we thought it would be appropriate to share some good new year's news with you on our western calendar time frame. While this is the Chinese year of the Rabbit, here at PoshPorts, it's also the year of the Heifer. Let us explain.

10 things to make your next trip a little easier

watch what you eat and drink: a guide to staying well on the road


"Healthy eating" goes beyond making nutritious food choices. Over and above, healthy eating incorporates eating food that is safe to consume and won't get you sick.

This October, my husband and I traveled to India. As we told friends and family about the journey, we heard one mantra over and over: "You're going to get sick." This prophecy came from all quarters--folks who seldom leave their home state to seasoned world travelers to our guidebooks.


quicker customs entry into the USA

quick international business etiquette tips

One of the most important aspects of being successful in international business ventures is learning and understanding the cultural context, traditions, customs and expectations of your counterparties. We will look in-depth at many intercultural business issues in the time ahead. But for a starter, here are a few quick international business etiquette tidbits to consider.

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