Michelin Stars Announced for Chicago

The final Michelin list was announced a day early today due to a leak that sent the "unofficial" list of Chicago restaurants that would be awarded the elusive Michelin stars swirling around the internet yesterday. The foodie community is excited to finally see the confirmed results from Michelin.


Michelin Announces Bib Gourmand Selections for Chicago!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Chicago has been a buzz since Michelin announced it had selected the Windy City for it's unique treatment of restaurant rankings. The Michelin guide for Chicago will be available on November 18th. However the precursor the Bib Gourmand list was released this morning. 46 Chicago restaurants awoke to find the Michelin Man spray painted on the sidewalks in front of their establishments to announce they had made the list.


I am always excited when I get to work with someone who is passionate about what they do. Their "work" is not work to them and every thing they do seems to have a piece of their spirit embedded in it. Today while at the dentist I thought to myself (with all kinds of fingers and tools in my poor little mouth) this guy is really passionate about his work. He had such an intense look on his face yet he was constantly checking with me to see if I was ok. He completed his work and went on to the next person ready to start again.

ridiculously easy and delicious chocolate chip banana mini-muffins

Now that my obsession with Bavarian style soft pretzels is on the wane, I decided it was time for another form of carbolicious treat to start my morning. There's a bit of rain outside today, so it seemed like something warm from the oven was a good idea. Then I remembered one of my easy favorites, a chocolatey banana muffin that's so simple to make you're eating the first few before the last ones are baked.

time to rethink riesling wine

Friday, October 1st, 2010 - German wine. When most people think about German wine they may groan or grumble and say there's no such thing as good German wine. On our recent trip to Germany I'll admit that we spent most of our drinking occasions with terrific Bavarian German beer. My eyes were opened to the real taste and quality differences in beer. I'll admit that the 7 years I spent marketing a large company domestic beer jaded me more than slightly about beer and good taste. So opening up my mind to beer again and rediscovering what I had learned years ago was fun.


200 years. That's a long time for any tradition but to think that the Munich Oktoberfest has been going on for 200 years despite the dramatic changes of German history throughout those years. A tradition that began as a wedding party for King Ludwig and his bride Thiesria continues 200 years later as a Bavaria's way of bringing German cuisine and hospitality to the world.

germany - a land of many differences

As we head to our last stop in Germany I already wondering when I'll be back. Germany has been more than I expected. It is the land of great Bavarian beer and substantial delicious food, but it is also a land full of history. A history that they seem quite uncertain how to deal with.

a munich state of mind...

It happens nearly every time I travel, and it always surprises me a little. Perhaps you experience it too and so will understand. Whenever I visit a new place, or one where I haven't been for quite some time, it takes me a little while to get acclimated. I hear a new language. I see people dressed in what the fashion is where I am. I see advertisements referring to local products. I smell new kinds of food and local specialties.

germany more than just beer and brats

We're just getting started on our journey to Germany but already it has been a trip of a lifetime. Our first stop in Oberammergau found us on a two hour train ride through beautiful German countryside and into the Alps. The small town of Oberammergau puts on the Passion Play every ten years. You can read more in one of our earlier articles here.


The Bizarre Bacon Bonanza

Okay, I understand that bacon is something a lot of people like. I get it. I love a good crispy piece on top of an egg and cheese bagel sandwich. Or a couple of slices in my BLT or BLFGT (bacon, lettuce, fried green tomato) sandwich. I can even get behind pork bellies and other forms of bacon, crumbled bacon in my salad or bacon encrusted cheeseburgers.

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