japan earthquake, tsunami hits home

If like me, you have been stunned by the recent geological events that have been happening around the world, from Haiti to Chile to New Zealand and now Japan, you too might be taking stock in how interconnected we all are. When the Earth rumbles on our friends in the Asia-Pacific, we feel their pain, we want to reach out, we hope that the damage is as minimal as possible.


Paczki Day! Fat Thursday or Fat Tuesday?

When I started doing research for our article on Mardi Gras a funny thing happened. Now many of you know that I'm a life-long Chicagoan and couldn't be prouder. Some of you may also know about my love of baked-goods. So it's not surprising that I have been participating in Paczki (pronounced Poonch-Key) Day for many years. I thought that Paczki Day was celebrated on Fat Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday, and as such spent many a Fat Tuesday devouring some paczki. Paczki are round jelly filled donuts that come with a variety of fillings.

give me some of that tiger blood please


It's just about impossible to miss Charlie Sheen and his latest rantings no matter what media outlet you frequent. Whether you think he's crazy, funny or just sad, you have to admit that he has captured everyone's attention. The morning news television shows have turned us all into Charlie Sheen watchers like it or not.


one world, one people

The recent astounding events in the Middle East have provided a source of information, fascination and education for those of us living far away from these lands. We have seen the struggle of people under a form of governance that is no longer acceptable to them take a stand, make their feelings known and demand change. Some have even died in the process. First Tunisia, then Egypt, now Libya. It is a cascading call of new generations unwilling to live in the same way as their predecessors.

Give me a shot with that donut please

I love it when chefs mix up unexpected ingredients and come up with new fantastic flavors. I must admit that my patience has worn a little thin with a few ingredients - bacon for one. You can't get through the day without seeming the latest menu item infused with bacon. Bacon popcorn, bacon vodka,  bacon ice-cream, bacon with chocolate, how about bacon-bacon?  It's not that I don't like bacon - I actually love it but saving it for that special crispy, crunchy treat is enough for me thanks.

Dream On

I admit it, I still like American Idol. I have been watching since the beginning, yes the Kelly Clarkson days. I also admit that I liked Simon Cowell. I didn't always agree with his harsh criticism but I respected his professional opinion. I watched through the crazy Paula days and the Kara DioGuardi days and even the Ellen days. I watched even though the show lost some of it's allure for me as it was changed, time and time again by the producers. I figured last year would probably be my last year of watching.

2010 Travels

Just a quick pictorial of my adventures in 2010.


The Great Wall of China


The Taj Mahal, Agra - India


The Jurong Bird Park, Singapore


rain or snow?

As someone who grew up in Los Angeles, I experienced the typical Southern California seasons - fire, flood, earthquake and drought. But mostly, those seasons were counterpoints to what was normally a rather continual warm and sunny climate. The sole exception being rain. There were times, as has happened over the past couple of months, where it would rain and rain and rain and rain. I've talked to family who are still there and expecting an old man with animals walking two by two into an ark. It's just downright nasty to deal with that much rain on a regular basis.

remembering to give back during the holidays

As you know, we at PoshPorts believe that part of our mission of connecting people through exceptional food, travel and cultural experiences revolves around what we call "doing good and giving back." We feel truly fortunate to enjoy the opportunity to travel freely, have full bellies, enjoy safety and comfort in our daily lives. And, because we know that there are many others who are not so fortunate we feel it is our obligation to share, help, offer time, money, expertise, anything that will be useful to those in need.

what's your cold remedy?

It's that time of year again when bells are ringing and carols are being sung and, of course, people are coughing, sneezing and blowing their noses. The holiday cold and flu season is upon us. I have to admit that since I no longer work in a large office with perpetually sick people I rarely get sick anymore. This year, however, has decided to buck that trend and provide me with the beginning of a holiday cold. Scratchy throat, runny nose and general discomfort. Perfect timing as we try to finish off the year and get ready to travel to sunny California.


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