Summer Whirlwind Tour Part 2

Those of you who may have read my ambassador profile know that I spent many years in corporate advertising.  When I made the break and started my own consulting business. I have a client that sends me to their offices all around the globe to teach their employees about the latest marketing and media trends. It's a cool gig because I get to talk about what I love and get to visit some interesting places.


Last month I had the opportunity to go to London, Dubai and Madrid. It was a great trip some of the experiences I shared here on PoshPorts. This month I have another big travel month. I'm currently in Almaty,Kazakhstan, and will be moving on the Vienna, Austria, Johannesburg, South Africa, Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. All great stops. Couple things are wacky about this trip. First I'll only be in most of the destinations a few days and most those in meetings. The second thing is the wacky flight schedule, check it out:


Start in Chicago, IL, go to Manchester, England connect through to Amsterdam, then on to Almaty, KZ. Next up leave Almaty - connect through Kiev Borispol, Ukraine, then onto Vienna. Next trip - Vienna to Instanbul, Turkey, connect to Johannesburg. Then Johannesburg to Dubai connecting to Sao Paulo, and then Sao Paulo to Rio De Janeiro. Lastly Rio to Miami, connecting through to home sweet home Chicago.


All this is just 22 days. Whew! I should also mention the crazy time changes that I'll encounter along the way.  Should be fun. My first day here in Almaty has been interesting. I'm still getting acclimated to the time difference - so I'm writing this a 3am Almaty time.


Stay tuned as I share some fun stories throughout the next couple of weeks. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on what to see or eat about any of the places I'm visiting. I'd love to hear from you.