Wow, that's a tall ship!



Is it the history, the size, or the sails? Who can be sure what draws thousands of spectators to these magnificent ladies of the sea. They certainly create a spectacle no matter where they are displayed. We're talking about the historic international fleet of Tall Ships that is currently sailing from port to port throughout the Great Lakes.


We had the chance to watch the Tall Ships come into Navy Pier this week and we were once again amazed by the beauty, grandeur, and sheer spectacle of these magnificent vessels. 


The Chicago skyline sparkled in its full grandeur as the ships approached and Chicago's Fire Boats provided a warm welcome and a cool spray. 


With such traditional rigging as square rigs or gaff rigs with separate topmasts and topsails, a Tall Ship is an easily recognized sailing vessel that may take such popular forms as schooners, brigantines, brigs and barques. These gorgeous ships spark our imagination, especially when we hear the "boom!" of cannon fire and see smoke billowing amid the masts. Don't worry, though. Such bursts are purely for display and entertainment!  There will be 14 Tall Ships at Navy Pier including some from Norway, Canada and the USA, for this sailors' paradise.


If you're interested in experiencing these beauties yourself, the Tall Ships will be at Navy Pier in Chicago for a five-day festival from August 7-11, 2013. You can walk the festival grounds and view the Tall Ships up-close, board and tour a ship, watch the Chicago Match Cup race, and even sail on the ships.  There will also be nightly fireworks displays.


We had a lovely afternoon watching the Tall Ships come in. Even a wee bit of rain didn't dampen our spirits (or our Captain's) as we watched these remarkable ships against the beautiful Chicago skyline.


For information about tickets for the Tall Ship Chicago 2013 check their website. For information on other upcoming locations check Tall Ships Challenge Great Lakes 2013.